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New Room Inspection Policy Causes Friction

By Heather Downing
Class of 2011

Administrators are trying to ease student concerns this week about the new room inspection policy after two students sent out mass emails complaining.

Beginning this semester, the Office of Residence Life is conducting surprise health and safety inspections of residence hall apartments and dormitories.

According to one of the students responsible for the email, senior Jackson Stokes, he and his roommates were aware of the change, but they were not aware that they would be charged a fine for failing the first round of inspections.

In the past, students who failed inspection were given a second chance to clean up their act.  Stokes and his roommates expected the same courtesy with the new policy, so they were surprised when they received letters telling them they were responsible for a $35 fine–thus the email.

“The choice of unscheduled inspections was in response to students as well as officials from the extermination company and a mandate from the Jersey City Health Department who instructed the College to improve management of cleanliness in the residence halls,” says Director of Residence Life, David Surratt.

Surratt met with Stokes and his roommate Kevin Forrest to discuss the issue, and fines for the first inspection of the semester have been suspended for the time being.

“It was a very productive and respectful meeting,” says Stokes.  “Mr. Surratt was genuinely concerned with our case.  People can come to him with issues.”

Mr. Surratt will be available to discuss the policy with any concerned students on March 8 from 9am to 11am, on March 10 from 12pm to 1pm and 4pm to 5pm, and on March 11 from 10am to 1pm.  Students can also forward their concerns to Student Senate President Joseph Skillender at

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One comment on “New Room Inspection Policy Causes Friction

  1. David
    March 10, 2011

    Had no idea about this article! Look forward to sharing with you the outcome of my follow up meetings. Hope all is well!


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