A Sci-Fi Classic Returns

By Harley Cabrera

A long time ago, in a generation far, far away, there was the Star Wars trilogy. Now it’s back in theaters, beginning at the beginning with Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace. Both the original and new trilogies will be released in theaters for a special re-vamp in 3D.

Star Wars in 3D

“I’m stoked. Watching this [Phantom Menace] when I was 9 and watching now that I’m 21 is incredible. I actually appreciate it more and the 3D just made it gold,” said Frank Danis.

Danis like many others in his generation, grew up watching the original trilogy that director George Lucas started in 1977. Twenty-two years later, he created the new trilogy that Danis and his generation could call their own. Some critics have said however that this re-release is a ploy to get people to buy the Blu-Ray 3D versions of the trilogies.

“It’s exciting and all to come watch a Star Wars film of course, I brought my kids so they’d have the opportunity to see it in theaters. But let’s face it, I think this is just one big ad.” said Larry Weiss.

Weiss voices the sentiments of many others from his generation who feel that Lucas lost the magic of the original trilogies and instead went more towards a fast-paced, computer animated-happy, summer-blockbuster route with the new trilogy. On IMDb.com, an official movie database where users and critics vote for films, the highest rated new trilogy film only received a 7.7 out of 10. A rating much lower than The Empire Strikes Back  and A New Hope which both received an 8.8, placing them at #17 of the top 250 films. 


Although many also have their reservations about 3D; draining money from people who simply want to watch a movie for content and not effects, sci-fi movies that have been released in 3D are very successful. Take James Cameron’s Avatar which grossed over 2 billion dollars worldwide.  Avatar’s success could be the reason Lucas decided to release his movies in 3D.



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