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How Skinny is too Skinny?


The Skinny: Girl or Guy?

Ladies imagine a hip hugging, tight skinny jean that fades ever so softly from light to dark.  A small pocket detail to accentuate what only a good jean should and that is a rocking ass! Then you lift your head, and these jeans that could possibly be perfect on you is on a guy. Awkward!

Girl or Guy?

It seems that the ever-popular “skinny jean” trend is here to stay. However it’s the men who wear them that are making headlines. The blue jean was patented by Levi Straus in the 1800’s and had cuts that ranged from relaxed to slim. This style has evolved since then; every decade it comes back a little different and not without criticism. Celebrities have been bashed for wearing skinny jeans as tight as leggings and not all young men and women embrace the trend. No the 80’s aren’t back, but skinny jeans are and it appears they are here to stay.

In fact they are becoming the attire of choice to stand out. Lil Wayne is a popular rapper with a very unique sense of style. His infamous Zebra jeans that he wore on MTV’s 2011 Video Music Awards were ridiculed by fellow artists, bloggers, and became a trending topic on twitter once he stepped on stage to perform. His ass might have looked great in his zebra pants, but not all males were fans of his outfit choice.

“He dresses his own way and I dress my way, I wouldn’t want my kids to dress like him,” said Saint Peters College student Isaiah Harris.

Wayne is a rapper, but what about any old regular guy?

“I don’t have a problem with it but when they are as tight as mine I have a problem,” said student Alexandria Livingston.  “I think it depends what they wear with it”

Funny enough Livingston much prefers a tighter jean to baggy one. However, while baggy jeans are roomie, skinnies are sometimes not ideal.

“Personally I don’t think they are very comfortable they are tight around certain areas,” said SPC student Christopher Roberts.  He prefers fitted jeans because they’re not too tight and not that baggy and are more comfortable.

Yes ladies’ suffering for fashion has officially crossed over to the male gender.

Darren Mitchell in skinny jeans

Student Darren Mitchell better known as Sunni won’t be caught in anything but skinny jeans, in his words “Always skinny there is no other way”.  He does admit to being uncomfortable from time to time, however he will gladly suffer for fashion.

Who started this trend is hard to figure out. Companies like Guess and Levi Strauss pioneers in the jean industry feature tighter jeans this season. Each decade they come back and are featured on the runways during fashion week and worn by some of the most famous celebrities. Who inspires these young and old men to trade in their jeans that are three sizes too big is unknown. However, Mitchell has no problem taking on the responsibility for skinny jeans popularity.

“I’ve been wearing skinny jeans before them (celebrities) if anything I set the trend!”




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