When it comes to food choices at St.Peter’s College, it’s hard to find a student who likes what they see.

“I hate the food at SPC,” said Ali Johnson.

A quick glance into the school convenience store creates the illusion that there is nothing to buy but soda, candy bars, and mac and cheese. If you look closer, you will see hidden between the oreos and Rice Krispie treats are granola bars, salads, hummus, and low calorie beverages. Students on campus tend to complain that the only thing the school has to offer is burgers, french fries, pizza, and mystery food that cannot be identified. Though the school makes attempts to satisfy the dietary needs of the campus by offering vegetarian meals, fruit, and naturally flavored water, the student body wants to see more changes.

Johnson, for instance is not completely against fast food, but enjoys fresh vegetables and fruit. The school does not offer enough variety when it comes to fruit; all they serve are apples, oranges, and bananas that look very unappetizing, according to Johnson.

“There’s not much in the cafe that tastes good, I feel like I pay for food that leaves me unsatisfied,” said Johnson.

“Personally I feel there are a lot of limitations on healthy food options on campus,” said Colleen Hoffman, a sophomore who commutes. Like many other students Hoffman often times wants a small meal to hold her over for the day, but for the most part would rather not eat on campus.

“I usually choose to eat at home,” said Hoffman.

While many students have negative things to say, there are those who feel differently. Scott Miller, a junior feels people have a skewed idea of what healthy foods really are.

“There seems to be a misconception that the only healthy options in existence are fruits and vegetables, which is not the case. There are plenty of other food choices that are healthy but aren’t explored as thoroughly as they could be,” said Miller, who enjoys a burger as a source of protein.

Along with the complaints about food offerings, most students aren’t happy with the prices. Six dollars for a sandwich is not crazy expensive, according to Michelle Chalen but when the money is being spent on something a perszon is not excited about eating it is very frustrating. Chalen has been living in the area for a while so she has found some places off campus where she enjoys eating. Though she feels she should not have to look elsewhere for quality food when she is paying for a meal plan.

“The school does make an effort to try to offer healthy food, but I’m not saying it tastes good and its definitely not cheap!” said Chalen.


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