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A Growing Problem – Mold!

By Ashley Romero

In between the tub and crease of the window in Ryan Breval’s bathroom, there is something growing – Mold!

Mold found in SPC dormitory

Over the years many St. Peter’s college residents have filed maintenance requests and resident hall complaints about the mold in their bathroom, and kitchen areas. Mold contamination can cause lung damage, and long-term health problems and resident students are concerned about their health.

Mold is classified by different types of species; some being toxic and others being mild. However, studies have shown that being around mold for a long time can affect the health of a person.  When noticing mold in areas of your home they should be tested for potency, and removed to prevent illness, according to nurse Fredrick Gonzalez.

“I’ve lived on campus for four years and every student dorm had mold in the bathrooms. I’ve visited the campus nurse several times this year alone with symptoms of coughing and wheezing, and I am beginning to realize it might have something to do with the mold contamination,” said Breval, a senior at SPC.

Getting rid mold is an easy step, which begins by fixing any leak. A mild case of mold can be scrubbed away with a brush and bleach, however once the mold elevates, walls may have to be replaced. Some SPC dorms have developed severe mold in ceilings  caused by recent rains. Students say this situation was handled by simply covering the holes with a small blend of paste, which eventually turned back to mold once again.

Maintenance employees visit campus dorms once a month to remove and lay out new mousetraps, disregarding the requests being filed by students for the mold situation.

“Being exposed to mold is very unhealthy. People should take molded walls serious because over time it can weaken your respiratory and immune system. When breathing air in a room contaminated with mold, it is like breathing a fungi germ that can cause an allergic reaction,” said  Gonzales,  a nurse at the Liberty House Medical Center of Jersey City.

“I don’t think it is that serious, I have tried to make a complaint to residence life but they seem to ignore me, you can try but I doubt it will make a difference” said a resident assistant (RA) on the west side of SPC campus.

Students complain that Residence Life  has ignored numerous e-mails and phone calls, including calls of concerns from some parents.  This publication has also not heard from Residence Life, despite several attempts to contact their offices.





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