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BA in Political Science + Juris doctorate of law + Masters in public administration = Hip Hop?!


He’s here to sit in front of the class, get good grades and school the game! Phil Davis better known as Politickin P is ready to change youth, government, oppression and the corruption America has been involved in with his  ”hypothetical” guns blazing. With three degrees under his belt, Davis decided to put his 7-year stint in higher education on the back – burner to pursue his love and passion for music.

Politickin P

“Music is something I’m very, very passionate about and I want the world to be more ideologically sound,” said Davis.

Going to work everyday in a studio is a drastic difference to working on Capitol Hill. Davis worked in the Higher Education Reforms Department for PIRG (Public Interest Research Group) lowering tuition costs, working on interest rates and writing a proposal for a low cost student textbook plan.

Your initial thoughts of a young man who has worked with the likes of Joe Biden and the Obamas deciding to leave that behind to be a “rapper” is probably sheer confusion. In his words “music is a language” and he plans on getting out his message in what he believes is one of the most educational and relatable mediums. But one wonders why?

It all started back in Wilmington, Delaware. Davis candidly remembers his childhood for its happiest and hardest times. It took a letter from a friend that is serving a 15-year sentence to make Davis really consider following his dream. In the letter the old memory of milk crates doubling as make shift basketball hoops and him simply saying, “You gotta tell our story Bro” sparked the fire for Davis to go after his dream.  “Crate Court Music: The Van Buren Years” was born,  a nod to his childhood and how he got to where he is now.

“Its about a guy who grew up in Wilmington Delaware who people look at and don’t see the challenges that he has to deal with…(Crate Court Music) its correlating the now to the then, reverting back to the happiest times in my life but it was hard and tough,” Davis said.

Another important aspect to this album is to give the people that he grew up with and people that are growing up in the same neighborhoods the inspiration to think differently.

“Like my professor (Dr. George Julnes Graduate professor at University of Baltimore) said our priorities reveal our actions I want to change their the mental state once they live a certain way they don’t know what its like to diversify.”

He is extremely proud of this album and it’s a huge difference from his last mix tape “The Ballot: Kill The Plutocracy”.

“The Ballot was (a) Militant album more dark and hard …lets overthrow that power by wealth mentality.”

Davis says that Crate Court Music is his most important album to date. He is releasing this Hip Hop masterpiece on May 29th, which also happens to be the birthday of John F. Kennedy. While he is still working towards furthering his education by getting ready to take the Bar exam his main focus is still getting his music and his message heard. So far this year he has been very successful, he’s done a bunch of shows, is having a listening party for Crate Court Music and was a part of MTV2’s ATL Grind Promo Commercial. He is putting the same dedication in his music as he did for his education. His supporters don’t doubt that he is going to go far but he still is just as grateful to be heard and loved by his fans.

“I’m gracious and hold it with esteem gratitude that a person would listen to my music” – Politickin P



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