The Metamorphosis of Christopher St. Armand


Imagine seeing a young man walking through the hallway with books in his hands, trying to get to class. He is walking alone and staring at the ground as he makes his way through the crowds. He is overweight. Now imagine somebody coming up to him and smacking his books out of his hands and screaming in his face calling him a “fat ass.” What would you do in that situation? What if you were being tormented emotionally and physically for your weight?  Would you be able to cope?

Christopher St. Armand found himself in that situation a couple of years ago, and took it upon himself to do something about it.

St. Armand currently lives in the Bronx and is a freshman at Saint Peter’s College. Today he is a handsome young man who is in shape and loves to tell jokes. He is easy to talk to, and is extremely polite. Seeing him talking with a friend and laughing in the quad, one would never be able to guess how rough his grammar and high school years were.

“At a young age I thought food was more of a comfort rather than a necessity for survival,” said St. Armand. Having struggled with weight since his childhood, St. Armand stuggled with his weight into his early teens. Having low self esteem prevented him from interacting with his  peers and caused him to become shy and timid.

“I would let my insecurities get the best of me,” said St. Armand.

Enduring constant bullying and feeling isolated from fellow classmates is a lot for a young person to handle. St. Armand had even more to deal with. His weight began to affect not only his social life, but also his health. Weighing 235 pounds at 5’10 St. Armand had issues with his blood pressure, and nearly developed diabetes. But at a time when most people would break down, St. Armand persevered.

“It was a hot summer day when I decided to sit in the locker room of Baruch College and think about the life I was living,” said St. Armand. “I wanted to make a positive change internally and externally so I began on a path to lose weight throughout my senior year.”

He followed an extensive exercise program for twelve months and lost a total of 43 pounds by graduation. Working on his body helped him gain confidence, and as a result many friends. He even joined Saint Peter’s College cheerleading team for a couple of weeks this past season. He continues to work out as much as he possibly can to stay in shape.

“I realized that if I continued on my path of being reserved, unhealthy, and upset it would only place me in a compromising situation later in life,” said St. Armand. His story is remarkable, and a perfect example of willpower. He dedicated himself, and still does to this day to a healthy lifestyle physically and socially.

“Going through my struggles and defining my obstacles, I ultimatley became the victor in my battle,” said St. Armand


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