Residents versus Commuters


This past year, Saint Peter’s College has focused on attracting more students to the school, from a new student center to changing its status from college to university. However current students are saying the school isn’t addressing their problems — from keeping the dorm rooms safe and clean to parking.

Resident students on the west side of campus (where upper classmen live) say the school has been ignoring them. Student who live in 140 Glenwood complain that Residence Life has yet to make a health inspection this semester. Since the office is short staffed, the west side of campus does not have a student director to take care of minor problems.

“I haven’t had health inspection since we started this semester, and to be honest I feel like that is the reason why there is a tremendous number of rodents this semester compared to last semester, due to students being dirty. We have no discipline down the hill. It’s like we don’t exist!” says Naturaleza Perez resident student at SPC.

Students recently received an email notifying them at a room inspection will take place on April 11th and 12th.

According to Sarah Malinowski, a spokesperson for the college, as of last semester the residents accounted for 41.3 percent of the total population, just a few numbers below the commuter population. Yet resident students feel commuters are getting treated better.

The new parking lot on the west side of campus is only offered to the commuters and is closed every night for resident students. Resident students are also restricted from parking on the remaining parking lots on the west side of campus, which were offered to them last year.

“I’m a commuter student now, but I use to be a resident and can honestly say I get more privileges as a commuter student than when I lived on campus. Even though I don’t have my personal space anymore while I am in school, SPC has really made me feel like I am still part of the campus, with new parking lots for us and places to hang in between classes,” said former resident student Katherine Henriquez.

Today resident students must park their cars three blocks away from campus, though they pay more money for the parking permits, and residency.

“I feel like resident students should be taken care of a bit better than any other student that attends this school. As a resident I know I pay more money for tuition, and I also pay more money for parking. So why are the commuters the privileged? asked Jessica Dearstyne, resident student at SPC.


We want to hear from you!  If you are a resident or a commuter with a complaint contact us or post a comment.  We would love to hear what you have to say.


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