Cruising in 3D

By Harley Cabrera

“Near, far, WHEREVER YOU ARE!!!” if you just sang along, you either grew up with Titanic, or you just saw its epic re-release in 3D.

If you haven’t jumped aboard (pun intended) then here’s what you should know about arguably one of the most famous films of all times. Titanic was released in 1997 and directed by James Cameron [Avatar, Aliens, Terminator]. It is also the first film to earn a billion dollars worldwide and after it’s 3D release this weekend, it is now the fifth highest grossing film of all time. Although it did not top its weekend opening when it was first released in 1997, this time around it rounded off the top three films, grossing $17.3 million.

“As soon as I saw the commercial for it being shown in theaters again, I pre-ordered my tickets, I was not taking chances,” said Destiny Velazquez.

Destiny was seven when she first saw the film, and now that she’s 21 years old, she’s just as excited. And she’s not the only one. Most that flocked to the theaters this weekend were girls in their 20s, their mothers, aunts, grandmothers, and couples (of all ages). Part of the attraction of Titanic is that it exhibits the characteristics of the perfect “date movie”.

It’s easy to see why women love this film and would continue to see it today, a young Leonardo DiCaprio in 3D. But men enjoy it as well, for other reasons.

“I mean it’s [Titanic] got a big ship, people dying, things being destroyed. So I guess there’s a lot of action scenes that I found entertaining. Even though my girlfriend didn’t care for the end that much. She still cries even though she’s seen it a thousand times,”said Tommy Samson.

Indeed part of the perfect “date movie” formula would be the action in the movie. The second half of the three and half hour long epic, is pure action and disaster. It is in this second half that the 3D conversion brings together Cameron’s original vision of the film; to portray the very real horrors of the Titanic’s voyage in 1912. The 3D experience brought a heightened sense of the scale of not only the ship, but the damage it sustained from the iceberg.

“The 3D was crazy for the ship-splitting scene. Especially when Rose [Kate Winslet] and Jack [Leonardo DiCaprio] are sinking with the ship and you get the sense that you were on it. 3D made me feel sick almost [laughs],” said Samson.

Titanic isn’t the only classic that has recently come out in a new glorified 3D form. This year there was also the animated Disney classics The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast and also Star Wars The Phantom Menace. These two films alone were extremely successful in their 3D conversions; Lion King grossed $74 million, Beauty and the Beast grossed $47 million, and $43 million for Phantom Menace.
It’s a mix bag among movie goers of those who prefer 3D or not. But most agree they enjoy the release of their favorite films. There’s an added layer of nostalgia when seeing a classical film in the 3rd dimension. For those who appreciate this digital adventure, there is more to look forward to with velociraptors in Jurassic Park 3D in 2013.


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