What Have You Done for Me Lately?

By  Chelci Bidos

8-9am complimentary commuter breakfast 

9:30 -11:00am commuter seminar class

12-1:30pm free commuter giveaways 

12-2pm commuter luncheon

2-3:30pm commuter meet-and-greet


This is an average day for 22-year-old Jayden Rodriquez, a Political Science major at Hunter College in New York.

Rodriquez, who commutes to school four days a week, did not start her college career at Hunter. She transferred from Saint Peter’s College her sophomore year because of a lack of campus community and commuter advantages.

“There was no sense of community at Saint Peter’s. They always emphasize how diverse the school is, and don’t get me wrong, it is, but the problem is the inability to bring everyone together,” Rodriquez said

Complimentary commuter breakfast, commuter seminar classes, commuter giveaways such as iPads, Beats by Dr. Dre, and Barnes and Nobles gift cards are common at Hunter. Luncheons that allow you to mingle with fellow commuters and meet-and-greets are nothing but normal for Hunter commuters. These are the reasons why Rodriquez left St. Peter’s College for Hunter.

“I felt as if being a commuter separated me from the resident students. I did not feel as important or as wanted. They do a lot of activities that show how great it is to be a resident student, but what about doing activities that show how great it is to be a commuter and how we are appreciated?” Rodriquez said

Saint Peter’s has a Commuter Student Association, with the purpose to create an environment in which commuter students feel connected and are able to voice their opinions freely. It also attempts to effectively address the various concerns put forth by the commuter students, as well as produce various social programs to encourage interaction between all students. However, the Commuter Student Association was not active this year, according to Jan Reimer, Director of Student Activities at Saint Peter’s.

Rodriquez said that she does not believe that Saint Peter’s does enough for commuters, and she believed they were not addressing the issue anytime soon.

“Jayden is a very hardworking student, and she needed a school that not only pushed her academically, but helped to make her life as a commuter easier. It really is a shame that she had to transfer schools because she felt that Saint Peter’s was not fulfilling that need,” said Tessa Saunders, a close friend of Rodriquez, and a senior at Hunter College.

“I recently spoke to one of my friends who still attends Saint Peter’s and she told me that there has been a huge problem with parking for commuters more so now than before. The school’s response was to move on campus, as if it were so easy to shell out 10,000 dollars,” Rodriquez said

Rodriquez said that she’s very comfortable at Hunter and that she is sad that she will be leaving in the next few months. She has nothing but positive feedback and is planning on going to grad school at Hunter next year. Rodriquez said that attending Hunter was one of the best decisions she has ever made.

“It was probably one of the best choices that I have made in my adult life,” Rodriquez said, as she pulled out her Kindle Fire that she won at last week’s commuter giveaways



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