Artist on the Rise: Camille Safiya

By Dale Tyus

Hundreds of art lovers met recently to celebrate the viewing and release of the Anomaly Collection, created by Camille Safiya at Wix’s Lounge in the Flatiron district of New York.

Displaying her new collection of lively paintings of abstract expression, Camille explained the history of the twenty art pieces that make up her collection.

Artist Camille Safiya

“ I have worked on these painting for over three years and I only hope to inspire people all around the world to express themselves in a creative way,” said Camille.

The definition of an anomaly is something irregular or abnormal. In this collection, Camille explained  Anomaly is the mysterious force out in the universe, were different artists of all kinds can express themselves together freely.

In three years, Camille has visited over ten countries where she found inspiration from each culture to paint. In each paintings Camille has cleverly represented the cultures from countries such as Bali, China, Ghana West Africa and Costa Rica. Already nominated for Vibe Magazines “ Dopest female of the week,” and Impact Magazines ‘ Top 5 Creative Female,’ Camille recently was also recently honored by having one of her painting purchased, and put on permanent display at Harvard University.

“ Camille at 22 years old has so much talent, spirit and ambition. Her paintings are so intense, they make me want to create what ever I want and follow my own dreams,” said William Tyus, videographer.

Over 300 hundred people walked throughout the dimly lit halls of the Wix lounge. Stopping to look, talk and admire the works of cultures merged together in Anomaly.

Camille plans on graduating this May from Temple University, obtaining her degree from the Tyler School of Arts in Painting and drawing. And she does more than paint, she is also a photographer, fashion designer and singer.

“ My vision and dream is creARTivity, to create, relative, energy, a monk, real, talented, Indi, viduals, (sic) in today’s youth. I hope that my paintings let the youth know that creativity has no boundaries and expressing and being yourself is beautiful,” said Camille.


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