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Jump on SPC’s Cypher of Talent

By Ashley Romero

“Shout outs to SPC, no other place to be,” rapped Angel Dust at the Saint Peter’s College Radio Spotlight Cipher.

The rapping cypher,an open-mic freestyle event, took place in SPC’s radio room last Friday, hosted by students Nina Catherina and Dj Illy. Some of Jersey City’s best underground rappers attended the event including, J-Rod, Angel Dust, and artists from Smack Productions. Loyal listeners of the campus’s radio station had the privilege to watch. The show was also streamed online, even though there were some audio problems.

During the cipher each rapper was introduced and given time on camera to perform to beats prepared by “Dj Whatever”. The audience included fans of WSCP Radio and the rapper’s crew. It was standing room only with people filling the hallway outside.  For some of the rappers, it was a performance that took them out of their comfort zone. 

“It was the first time I ever experienced a rapping cipher and I expected it to be a bit different. The performance episode of my artistic career has been put to a stop, for my dedication to find a relation between the audience and what I lyrically rap,” said Angel Dust.  “But I didn’t feel the vibe in the cypher or in the Dj’s selection of music, though it was a good experience to share with other rappers overall.”

Angel Aponte, whose stage name is Angel Dust, has been pursuing a rapper career for two years. He has released an album, and has a small clothing line. Aponte’s approach to the crowd is to produce metaphors that can relate to multiple listeners, feeling similar emotions. His stage name alone has created an impact to various listeners of the genre.

“Angel is my first name, and Dust is just an addition, but together the name is well known as a crazy, powerful drug, and when I deliver a rap these are the descriptions that I want people to portray my music as. Something powerful to individuals relating their emotions to the crazy bars I give the crowd,” he said.

This was SPC’s first radio cypher and it attracted many artists from the neighborhood. At one point, the small studio reached its capacity. In regards to some of the technical problems, Nina hopes for better support for future live online streaming, and space, though she was beyond satisfied with the performances of all participants.

“This will be the last event I will be hosting for this radio station at SPC, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the outcome. Hopefully the school continues to push forward with the radio program after I graduate, to reveal hidden talents within our students body and neighbors of Jersey City,” she said.


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