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Hip Hop at BB Kings


Ahhh. There’s nothing like small venue tours.  BB Kings in New York City is known for hosting many different genres of music.  It is also one of the many venues that cater to music’s wild child better known as Hip Hop. For some chump change you can see many artists new and old. Some of the most talented people pass through BB Kings doors to perform and connect with fans in a more intimate setting.

Raekwon at BB Kings

Rap Royalty Raekwon blessed the stage this past Thursday for his Unexpected Victory tour that featured well-established artists Maino, and Action Bronson as well as a bunch of up -and -coming rappers that were ready to leave a lasting impression on the audience.

Frontline Media, Pay Pa, JD era, Kofi Black and many young and new rappers got the crowd ready for the three headliners, but one artist in particular had a special connection to the eyes that were staring at the stage.

Danse Daimons

Danse Daimons of BKLYN Stickup without a doubt was one of the few artists that got any love from the crowd that night.  No he didn’t hand out any free crap, nor did he have bimbos on stage dancing behind him. In the words of Adele he “rolled deep” that night.  Team Stickup was there with over a 100 people all there to support Danse in one of the biggest shows he has done.  By the end of his set the couple hundred people that packed the BB King venue had their hands in the air rockin’ to Danse’s music.

The second show stopper of the night, well after the fight (because every good hip hop gathering has one of those) had to be Action Bronson. The short and stout former New York City gourmet chef ‘s set had the crowd captivated. His lyricism and relaxed stature made his performance a stand out one. He even managed to continue rapping after throwing a girl over his shoulder and his team forgetting to give him more water.

Action Bronson

Maino and his team The Mafia then mobbed the stage. He performed a couple of songs including one of his biggest hits, “Hi Haters”. Sad to say it took a while for the crowd to show Maino a little love. However, a lot of people were there to see the “Chef”.


Raekwon “the chef” of the legendary Wu-tang clan was last but not least. He performed a couple new songs off his mix tape as well some classics like “Ice Cream” and “C.R.E.A.M”. Even though he was missing the other WU counterparts he still tore the stage down.

This was a packed house for the final stop on the Unexpected Victory tour. Reakwon along with his fellow performers successfully put on another great night of music.


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