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How to Keep Cool During Finals


With final exams approaching, Saint Peter’s College students are starting to feel overwhelmed and anxious.  Stress is inevitable this time of the year, according to Barbara Melchione, director of the Center of Advancement in Language and Learning (CALL center) and professor at SPC.

“Stress is bad during finals, lots of stress is, however when a student is a bit stressed he or she understands that they do have to study, and eventually make time to,” said Melchione.

According to Melchione, a couple of weeks before final exams begin, students should put together an outline. Doing so will help students figure out the levels of focus needed for each subject.

“I must say that buying an agenda has been the best investment I have made during my college years. It works as a reminder, and relieves the tension of events and assignments with important deadlines,” said Naturaleza Perez, a psychology major at SPC.

Once final exams start May 9th, students should try their best to get themselves out of the social loop, advised Melchione.

“The best time to party on SPC campus is during the last days of school, but it is so difficult to balance booze, dudes, and school, so I just make my self completely unreachable,” said Sara Murolo senior student at SPC.

Melchione also said that it is important to be well rested.

“It is of great importance for resident students on campus to rest as much as possible. Living on campus can cause anxiety during finals due to the change in class schedule and atmosphere of the student body,” said Melchione.

Though it is important to stay focused during exams, students should keep in mind that attending events and hanging with friends could relieve some stress. Study groups can serve as both; time to hang, and study with a group of people.

“This semester I am taking six classes, which completes my BA of science at SPC. It is definitely stressful, but doable. As the end of the year approaches not only do I have to worry about exams, but also projects and a research paper due on the last day of classes. All of the assignments during this time of the semester weigh a big percentage on your final grade and at times it gets difficult to keep up with,” said Ryan Breval a senior at SPC.

The focusing techniques explained by Melchione are key points that can help a student survive the last few weeks of a semester, however if they need extra help, the CALL Center is always an option.

“The go-to place to get help from on campus has always been the CALL center since my freshmen year, because even during crunch time someone always offers to help me, which at times is much needed,” said Maude Sutherland.


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