Meet Me in the Quad a Hit with SPC Students

Meet Me in the Quad
Movie poster photo booths. A bicycle-powered smoothie machine. A mechanical surfboard. And free food. This is just a list of some of the things SPC students found at the Quad on Wednesdays this Spring. It’s all a part of Meet Me in the Quad !
The first Meet Me in the Quad was held in August of 2010 as a part of welcome month of activities to help students reconnect with classmates. Student activities expanded the series in the fall of 2011, and they have brought it back this spring semester.
“The students are loving it,” said Jan Reimer, who heads the student activities office. “I also think students are excited about the unseasonably warm weather we have been having and love being outside for these events.” 
This past Wednesday, April 25, the quad once again was full of life. The festivities started at lunch with a neon -colored mini golf course.
“The quad is fun on Wednesdays especially with the nice weather,” said Molly DeLancey, a senior at SPC. DeLancey was just one of the many students who participated in the neon colored mini golf course, and had fun doing it.
After the mini golf, a BBQ was set up, after the company that was supposed to bring the tiki bar had a flat tire on its way to SPC. Even though the event had to be split into two parts, its was still a success. There was plenty of food, a smoothie stand, airbrush tattoos, class wars Tishirts, relay events and snow globe pictures in the second half of the day. Nothing attracts a crowd at SPC better than free food. The barbeque was a huge hit.
“There is always something happening on campus,” said Allyson Pullis, a senior, “but having something that was out in the open for everyone was a great idea.” The events in the quad seem to be brightening the moods of SPC students, especially when it is sunny out.
“The middle of the week usually drags,” said Damaris Medina, a junior. “But this livens it up!”
The quad events are meant to entertain students in between classes as the semester winds down. Amber Kudelsky of the student entertainment board is excited to learn that Meet Me in the Quad is a hit. Kudelsky is hoping this can become a Saint Peter’s tradition, and grow bigger and better.
Many of the students are responding positively to the efforts of the SGA and student activities, however some faculty are grumbling about the noise. According to students we spoked to, some professors have commented that the event is disruptive. One professor was heard saying that since Saint Peter’s College is an institution of higher learning, the school should be providing intellectually stimulating events, unlike the ones provided. Professors have also been annoyed by the loud music playing ten minutes before class gets out. And it’s not just the faculty, not everyone has caught the spring fever.
“I just don’t get the point of all of this.” said Eva Wasilewski, a commuter.

Though the bright colors, huge inflatable carnival games, loud music, and free food do not entertain everyone that passes by, Kudelsky is still happy with the turnout the event has been receiving.

“Keep coming out !” said Kudelsky. 

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