Opinion – Dear Class of 2012 ….

(Note:  Video contains explicit language)

Seniors around the world are gearing up to walk across the stage and get this paper. You know the paper that costs thousands of dollars, tears, stress, late nights and no sleep. Mmm what’s it called again?! Ah that’s right a diploma! Better known as one of the most expensive pieces of paper you will ever buy.

May 21st is when the Saint Peters College class of 2012 receives their expensive pieces of paper. A bunch of fellow seniors shared their aspirations and thoughts on venturing out into the real world. Through the bleak reality us students still have the drive and determination to succeed. The years spent in college are more then classes they are life lessons. As graduation inches closer and closer there is only so much someone can say to reassure us about what lies ahead. College is a growth spurt a realization of life, and a possible addiction to run-on sentences. (Thank god for Professor Demillo’s editing) College is a place to nurture your dreams and find the tools to make them happen. As we all get ready to deal with the pressures of life there are no words of comfort to truly put you at ease. However college seniors everywhere use your diploma and skills to their fullest. Life, no matter how much pressure and obstacles we face, is still our oyster. Walk the stage get you diploma and try not to spill coffee on it.


Nina Lemonnier

Class of 2012



  1. I may complain about SPC from time to time, ok fine, all the time, but the best thing this school has given me is the pleasure of meeting incredibly talented and super inspiring people. Although our communications dept is small in size, we compensate with our big dreams. We are the “fun” and “creative” people on campus. I have learned plenty from each and every professor, from Prof. Walker’s researching skills, Donny’s….uhhhh… Donny’s… Ohh ethics! And lastly… Prof Demillo, it hasn’t always been fun, but without her, I’m not sure if I would have pursued journalism. This woman has been supportive with all of my crazy ideas, from law school to grad school and even Thailand. I guess it hadn’t really hit me until now. It’s really happening. In 12 days, we will be COLLEGE GRADUATES. However, this isn’t goodbye because there’s no doubt in my gut that I will see many of my fellow classmate’s faces on t.v and newspapers and even billboards. So I’ll see you guys later…and thank you for the wonderful ride.

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