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A Healthy Social Life Can Boost Your Overall Health

By Ksenia Stsepyetkina, Class of 2014

When we were all younger, Spongebob Squarepants taught us all the importance of friendship with a little acronym known as the FUN song. We learned that everyone deserves a friend to spend their time with, even someone annoying like Plankton. Spongebob was innocently trying to get Plankton to believe in the power of friendship, but as corny as it sounds he may have been on to something all along.

The Journal of the American Medical Association recently published a study that proved a healthy social life can help speed recovery from the common cold. In the study 276 volunteers were infected with the virus, and those with close ties to friends and family
recovered faster than those without.

“I consider myself a very social person,” said Eva Wasilewski. As a social butterfly with many close friends Wasilewski says she is almost never sick. “I believe that the research is accurate.”

Friendship is beneficial socially and physically and Spongebob knew that all along. At SPC students are making friends everywhere they go whether they are heading to class, or going to a party. With so many people coming in and out of our daily lives, what defines a true friendship?

“Friends are like family,” said Victor Badaracco, a junior at SPC.” They help you get through the day.” As an employee of the Office of Community Service, Badaracco spends a lot of time with SPC students.

“A friend is someone who no matter what, always stands by you,” said Badaracco.

Molly DeLancey is a senior who is about to graduate from Saint Peter’s College. As a senior she has had plenty of time to dive in to the social experiences college has to offer. From those experiences she has learned what a true friend means to her.

“Friends mean a lot to me because they keep my life exciting, wild, sane, and safe,”said DeLancey. A firm believer in friendship, DeLancey is extremely friendly and is not judgmental, she believes anyone can become a friend.

“Anyone can make you smile or offer new insight, which keeps things interesting,” she said.

Friends should be a support system and a partner in crime. True friends, the people you never want to lose have deeper connections.

“Friends should always be able to sit there in silence without feeling awkward,” said Alicia Johnson. She believes best friends can practically read minds. In a silent room, best friends always know what is going on in each another’s head by the look on their

“Respect, loyalty and understanding are the unspoken backbone of friendship,” said Johnson.

Friendship is many different things to the students at SPC. Friends can be someone to have fun with, or someone to lean on during bad times. Spongebob Squarepants says it right in the song, anywhere and any time at all! Whoever your friends are, keep them around. They may help you live longer.


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