Brighter Job Outlook for Class of 2012

By Ashley Romero, Class of 2012

Class of 2012, your hard work may pay off this year. At least, you will have it easier than last year’s graduating class. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NASE), more graduates are expected to get hired by employers this year, showing that the job market for new college graduates is improving steadily.

Today many companies are experiencing more growth giving employers’ reason to raise their hiring expectations for the year. Many employers surveyed by NASE this Spring have said they would use more technology and social networking programs to interact better with clients. Graduates of 2012 have earned their education with the help of technology, which comes in handy when searching for jobs today. Networking websites such as Facebook, and Twitter are not only used for personal reasons, but also business related reasons. Organizations are beginning to develop media departments, which need young generations skilled in society’s new technology to accommodate clients.

Employers are expected to hire 10.2 percent more graduates from the class of 2012 than they did from the class of 2011, according to the spring 2012 NASE survey conducted in February.

But some students are still worried.

“I‘ve heard lots of talk about how we are in great recovery from the recession, opening new job opportunities, and how graduates have a better chance in landing a job because of higher education, but how about all the troops coming home? Sooner or later our competition is only going to increase, they need money too,” said Gina Gongora, a senior SPC student.

Although soon there will be many people vying for jobs, employers will be keeping a close eye on those who have experience in their fields, to replace retiring workers. Almost 50 percent of the employers surveyed prefer the previous work experience from internships or co-ops, according to NASE.

“I get uneasy thinking about the competition I have to go against, being a Business Management major. Lucky for me, my spring internship located in Wall Street offered me a position for the summer, starting right after graduation,” said Anthony Khoury senior SPC student.

The end of spring semester is a good time for senior students to update their resumes and begin to write cover letters for positions.  Seniors should also take this time to remove all irrelevant information and photos from the internet (social sites) for a better representation of themselves when searching for a job. For the near future The Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted continued job growth, projecting 20.5 million new jobs, mainly in healthcare, personal care and community and social service occupations.

Good luck class of 2012!


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