50 Shades of Who? Fifty Shades of Grey set to hit the big screen, audiences guess who will play roles of Christian Grey and Anna Steele

by Francesca Rizzo —

— The Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy by British author E.L James took the literary world by storm. Tackling topics such as dominant/submissive sexual relationships, the series both shocks and intrigues audiences all over the world. Thanks to the book’s success, soon producers plan on bringing the controversial Fifty Shades of Grey to the big screen. With all of the discussion regarding the graphic nature of the novels, people can’t help but wonder: How will the producers pull off such a movie without it being ‘X-rated’? However, what even more people are wondering is — Who will play the roles of the dominant main character Christian Grey and his submissive, Anastasia Steele?

Fifty Shades of Grey is considered an erotic novel. It is about young, innocent Anastasia Steele being thrusted into the private life of one of Seattle’s richest and most brilliant bachelors, Christian Grey. Before she knows it, Anna’s world is changed completely as she is exposed to Christian’s extremely private and secret life of submissive/dominant sexual relations.

Opinions vary when it comes to the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. Some people find it intriguing. The graphic nature makes the readers suppressed sexual fantasies and/or desires seem more acceptable.

“I definitely found the books exciting just because the plot was something I’d never experienced in a book before,” said junior Paige Petersen. “It was definitely graphic which made for a good shock factor, but at the same time I couldn’t put the book down.”

On the other hand, some people find the book disturbing and too expository. One source who requested to remain anonymous said, “I got halfway through the first book and had to put it down. It just made me feel uncomfortable.”

With the controversy surrounding the books themselves, people can’t help but wonder how the plot will work in a movie. However, it is not unusual for an erotic novel to be made into a movie. In 1986, the novel Nine ½ Weeks was brought to the big screen about a woman, much like Anna, who meets a self-made millionaire and begins to have secret affairs with him. Now, more than twenty years later, yet another erotic novel is going to be brought to life.

“The idea of these books being turned into a movie is super weird,” Petersen said with a laugh. “I can’t imagine who would be playing what role, or how the actors would be able to pull it off.”

With rumors circulating as to who will play what role, hype for the movies is already building. Meanwhile, some fans already have an idea of their dream ‘Christian Grey’ and ‘Anastasia Steele’.

“Christian Bale would make the perfect Christian Grey,” said junior Anna Molokotina. “The whole tall, dark and mysterious thing totally works in his favor.”

“Ian Somerhalden would be unreal as Grey,” said junior Jenny Pliska. “He’s so attractive and fits the physical description perfectly.”

Ideas for submissive Anastasia Steele are already playing out in peoples’ minds as well. In the novels, she is introduced as a shy, fair skinned, plain looking brunette.

“Anna Kendrick would be a beautiful Anna Steele,” said Molokotina. “She’s so pretty, and fits the imagery the author (James) depicts both physically and personality wise.”

Pliska couldn’t help but agree.

“She’s really pretty, but in a plain and homey sort of way, which is how I picture Anna,” she said.

Although an exact date hasn’t been set for the movie’s release, it goes without saying that fans everywhere are waiting on the edge of their seat for the production. With  ’50 Shades’ of Gray’s’ controversial plot and taboo subject  whoever is selected to play Anna and Christian will have to prepare themselves for possibly the toughest roles of their careers in a dominant/submissive on-screen relationship.


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