An Artist’s Kaleidoscope Dream: Miguel Releases new Album

By Michelle Jines
— He isn’t the typical R&B artist rapping about drinks, drug, and sex. He is the artist that raps and sings about love.
Many listeners take notice of his soulful voice and the significance of his lyrics.  Miguel is a rising star in the music industry. With his current single “Adorn” at the top of the Billboard R&B charts and with scheduled performances around the world, the 25- year old songwriter and producer from Los Angeles,  is prepared for his next release. His second full length album ‘Kaleidoscope Dream’, to be released in less than a week, is his “reintroduction” to the music world and his fans,  after feeling his first album didn’t reflect who he was as an artist.

With more personal songwriting in this album, Miguel puts the topics of the world in the spotlight as he does in “Candles in The Sun”. In the single he sings about religion, equality, war, and government.

“They say we’re all created equal, that’s what they teach us, but that ain’t how we treat each other…” is an example of one of the lyrics in the song.

Miguel recently said he was not very keen on watching the news, saying it’s a bit depressing sometimes. Two years after his first album “All I Want Is You” was released, the artist saw this as an opportunity to speak his mind on all these topics and more.

Santiago Molina, 18, from North Plainfield, New Jersey finds the lyrics to be “relatable, that touches the heart.”

“Hands down one of the beat artists out at this time. He keeps the R&B sound strong, which I like, unlike the other artists who attempt to really overdue the pop, which only kills it,” said Molina.

With its soulful melodies and heart touching lyrics, “Kaleidoscope Dream” is all Miguel, and he is excited to share it with his fans. Leading up to the release on October 2nd, the artist and producer released three EPs ‘Art Dealer Chic’ Volumes 1-3. Following were the previews to his second album, Kaleidoscope Dream: The Water Preview, released in July & Kaleidoscope: The Air Preview, just released earlier this month, each with single to be featured in the full- length album.

All the while lending his voice in features including Wale’s “Lotus Flower Bomb”, which also went number one on the charts and Nas’s “Summer on Smash” alongside Swizz Beatz. Performing in local bars in New York City to festivals in the South, Miguel, as an artist, never stopped doing what we loves to do, give his fans music he enjoys and knows they will too.

He has the ability to write music that gives him that personal connection with his listeners.
“I’ve been hurt in a relationship and listening to Miguel makes me feel a lot better, his lyrics and the way his voice is attached, just soothes me. When he talks about love and how things get rough but you will prevail in a way, I guess that’s how I take it,” Molina said.
Fans agree, Miguel is able to relate to his followers and give them music they will enjoy. He once described music as being “inspired by being honest with one’s self and our perspective. Art is our unique perspective on the world, how we say and see things.”


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