Faded Royalty, Purveyors of Edgy Fashion Celebrates 2nd Anniversary

By Wendy Varela, Class of 2014

Jersey City, NJ – Who knew cheetah print and five -panel hats went well together! What is a five panel hat you ask? It’s the latest rage with the cool kids in uber- cool neighborhoods. All the stylish kids are wearing the hat with five segments (pictured above). And you don’t have to go to New York City for this latest fad.  To find stylish and innovative clothing pieces, one must go to Jersey Heights, NJ.

Meet Faded Royalty. This is the store you have been yearning for to get your edgy gear, without having to pay the tunnel toll. Think of Faded Royalty as a taste of big city style right in your back yard.  They pack enough flair to outfit the daring hipster, but also the average Joe at the record store next door. They are fierce without being gaudy.  And in the cutthroat industry of fashion, they have succeeded and prevailed. They will be celebrating their 2nd anniversary at their Jersey City Location this weekend.

“We don’t try to cater to one audience…we are a diverse group and we are a brand that has a meaning behind our items”, said Operations Manager, Alaska.

The online site features a wide range of products for everyone. They carry tank tops, t-shirts and button downs for men, detailed hats and snapback unisex hats. They also have a line of paint products for the experienced street artist and they are hoping to launch Faded Royalty Women in November. Where do they get the inspiration?  Their designs are all based on true stories.

“I have this saying–the movement doesn’t move any where if you don’t live the lifestyle–, we always have a story behind our designs [based on true events]”, Alaska said in a phone interview.

This clothing company also has a diverse background and uses in-house talent ranging from photographers to graphic designers, to produce “fresh, vibrant, confident wear with a good aura”, as the 25 year old, Alaska likes to describe it.

Faded Royalty can easily be credited for bringing the “uber cool” to the Jersey Heights section of Jersey City.

“There is so much talent and culture in Jersey City that people are not seeing; we [at] Faded Royalty want to bring that culture back.”

Their products can be found on several popular websites, including the leading indie clothing website, Karmaloop.com. Faded Royalty will be celebrating their 2nd anniversary on October 6th, 2012 at one of their two locations in New Jersey.  They will release an exclusive item that will only be available that day. The event is expected to host and cater to the fashion savvy urbanite from both sides of the Holland Tunnel. Also, Faded Royalty will be distributing free items with purchase. So get your credit cards ready and prepare yourself for some retail therapy.



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