Life in Color Comes to New York

By Michelle Chalen, Class of 2013 —

— “DAY GLOW?!…yeah inside Pier 94 on the 1st in the city” she said with a smirk, rethinking that January day. “Alleso loved New York and kept screaming it the whole night!” said Courtney, a 20-year-old nursing student at Adelphi University, as she showed a picture of her and her boyfriend with some friends smothered in green, hot pink, and blue paint. You could tell they had tried to wipe the paint off of their eyes.

Courtney was speaking about her first experience at Life in Color: Formerly known as Day Glow, and infamously known as the “The World’s Largest Paint Party.” It has become a wildly popular festival that has toured all over the United States. As the festival approaches its seven-year anniversary, the organizers decided to officially change its name to Life in Color as part of its evolution on September 1st, 2012.

Life in Color has gained in popularity across the United States’ electro scene since 2006, when it first began on Florida college campuses. Since then, the “festival” has evolved and its brand revolutionized as a one-of-a-kind experience. This is the go-to event for those who are eager to listen to “swanky tunes,” “dirty beats,” and want to move to the electro beats.

The END: the Electronic Never Dies Phase 2 tour kicked off on September 2, 2012 in Gainesville, Florida and came to Long Island, NY on September 28, 2012.

This tour is like no other.

“The people were so friendly; it wasn’t like anything else I’ve been too. I’m used to concerts where people are like ‘did you just bump into me?!’ and this was more like ‘let them through they want to move up!’” said Courtney.

The festival includes stilt-walkers, fire shows, and death-defying aerial acts. The most famous aspect of the festival is the famous “Paint Blast,” when paint is shot through cannons at the crowd.  

“The paint kind of stung when it first hit you, but it was so cold and felt so good while dancing,” said Courtney, who was sitting right next to her boyfriend Dave sipping on her Robek’s smoothie drink nodding her head.

“Everyone was soaked, there wasn’t any area that didn’t get hit with paint…paint was dropped from the ceiling, it was everywhere.”

Top hitting DJ’s like Alesso, Steve Angello, and many more are some of the big names that have made appearances throughout the tour. Unfortunately there are no names announced for the festival in Long Island on September 28th. The popular festival exhibits top talent in the electronic world and showcases beat maker elites that will not disappoint.

Just like Courtney, there are hundreds of thousands who have already experienced Life in Color and could tell you that the show is high energy and visually mind-blowing entertainment. This festival is not just about hearing the hard-hitting DJ’s, or watching the acrobatic show, as it is experiencing it live, in color, and covered in paint.


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