Rapper Dougie F Goes On Tour

By  Isaiah Harris —

— New Jersey rapper Dougie F is here! 

The 21—year-old  artist is planning his statewide “I’m Here” tour starting October 26. He will be promoting dozens of new songs he has been working with hopes of getting signed to a major label. He will perform in many cities including Newark, East Orange, Paterson, Trenton and Camden. Poet, Jasmine Mans will also be a special guest at some of the shows. Jasmine Mans is known from her poem, “The Mis-Education of a Barbie Doll. “

Dougie F is mostly known for his hit single, One Cup, a popular hit played numerous times on Hot 97 last summer. Many people wonder if he got his name from legendary hip-hop artist Doug E. Fresh.

“Yeah, a lot of people assume that it was originated from the legend, but it was a name given to me from a couple of friends I grew up with since my name is Douglas Ford,” Ford said.

Ford, a former basketball player, is hoping that his critics will start taking him seriously. “At first, everyone was kind of skeptical about whether they should take my music seriously or not due to the fact that many people saw me as more of a basketball player than a rapper.”
He does not have to worry about that these days because you hear his name when people are talking about rappers all around Essex County. Fans who have starred in his video have helped spread the word describing Dougie F as the new, hot, and electrifying artist on the rise. All of this exposure has definitely helped, since he was able to sign a production deal with Rob Fusari, a well known producer.

Saint Peter’s senior, Brittany Harley, is very familiar with Dougie F and his work. “The first time I heard about Dougie F was on
Twitter, there was a link to one of his tracks,” said Harley. Ever since then, she has been a supporter of his music. She was also able to go see him perform live this past summer. “He definitely got the crowd live, I wanted to jump on stage and be the hype man,” Harley added.

Dougie F has been thinking about putting out a mixtape as well, but he does not want one song on the mixtape to overshadow another
one. “I want to release my songs one by one, so they get the attention that it deserves. He has said that he has some tracks and videos that are unreleased, but he might perform some during the tour. Ford believes that he can be the next big time artist and show people that with a little bit of hard work and dedication, anything is possible.

Tickets for the “I’m Here” tour will cost $15, VIP tickets are $25. Reservations for the shows are not needed; all you have to do is show up
at the venue. He will be announcing exact show dates and times very shortly. If you want to hear some of Dougie F’s music and see his music videos, just go to http://www.youtube.com/user/dougiefboy


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