Hand-Painted Car Brings Color to Hoboken Festival

By Yarleen Hernandez — 

— Every inch of it is covered in turquoise. Splashes of lavender and pink cover the right side. From abstract faces to expressive verses, this 1988 SAAB Scania comes right out of an artist’s dream. Anna Yglesias-Liberatore had a vision, one that would delight artists all around the world (and have Picasso stirring in his grave), and she brought that vision to life when she decided to paint her entire car and display it to the world.

Yglesias-Liberatore shared her beautiful masterpiece with thousands of spectators once again at Sunday’s Hoboken Arts & Music festival. The festival took place September 30th at 11 a.m. through 6 p.m. at its usual location on Washington St., between Observer Highway and 7th St. Twice a year (during the fall and spring), the city of Hoboken sponsors the Hoboken Arts & Music Festival to celebrate Hoboken’s vast culture of artistic flare.

Yglesias-Liberatore has been displaying her unique artwork ever since the festival first began.  Actually, when you have a large, colorful, hand-painted 1988 SAAB staring right at you, unique is quite an understatement when talking about Mrs. Yglesias-Liberatore’s art.

“I always bring out the car twice a year,” said Yglesias-Liberatore.  “It is drivable but now we tow it to the festival.”

Yglesias-Liberatore’s hand-painted car took about 4 months to paint. The SAAB is covered in beautiful quotes of marriage and being in love, which was her inspiration behind the project. Today, her inspiration is driven by life.

“My inspiration comes from life,” said Yglesias-Liberatore. “Things that I’ve experienced in life, the way I view life, my future prospects, past encounters with people. It’s a form of self-expression.”

Yglesias-Liberatore values the art of technology, especially its ability to reach someone around the world.

“The greatest thing about technological connection is people taking pictures of the car and sending it to someone across the world.”

A middle school art teacher at Emerson Middle School and an adjunct professor at Steven’s Institute of Technology, Anna Yglesias-Liberatore is also part of the Saint Peter’s University community.

Mrs. Yglesias-Liberatore, a former Saint Peter’s University alumna back when it was known as Saint Peter’s College, received her master’s degree in Education in 2002, and last year had expressed her aspiration to complete a doctorate at her alma mater. Well, she is making it happen, just like her vision of painting a car.  She is now working on her Ph.D. in Education at Saint Peter’s University.

“I’m part of the doctorate’s program at SPU,” said Yglesias-Liberatore. “I just began about 4 weeks ago and I was so happy I was accepted.”

While teaching is her profession, painting is Mrs. Yglesias-Liberatore’s first passion. Mrs. Yglesias-Liberatore always loved to paint as a child and that love has only grown stronger throughout the years.

“I have it in my genes,” said Yglesias-Liberatore.  “I wasn’t a singer, I wasn’t a dancer.  I was an artist.”

So what does Anna Yglesias-Liberatore have in store for the future? Truly (and literally) a bus full of surprises.

“The one thing I can’t shake off is my desire to paint a bus,” said  Yglesias-Liberatore. “Everytime I see a bus I think about it and I’ve even looked at prices to purchase one. I know it’s going to happen.”

For more pictures check out the PauwWow online, the official student newspaper for St. Peter’s University!


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