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On Air With College Radio Personality: KymmiCee LIVE


KymmiCee and co-host Justin D.



Many have said radio is dead thanks to the Internet. But that’s not the case with popular radio hosts who inspire the younger generation to pursue careers in radio.

“I began doing radio in high school because I liked it. I continued in college and that was that,” said Kymmi Cee. “I became known on the campuses for what I did, so I figured maybe that was what I should be doing.  I stuck with it and dabbled some more.”

Eight years ago, Kymmi and two of her friends who graduated from Rutgers developed their own radio show, Good*Fella Media which streams on their site.  A team of two turned into a team of four and grew to six. They worked together and created their own website where the team, all with differing opinions and views discuss music and pop culture. With over 600 likes on her Kymmi Cee Live Facebook page and close to 7,000 followers on the Good*Fella Media twitter page and 2,754 likes on Facebook, the radio show and website have really taken off.

“Technology is developing every single day. It’s developing so much we’re slowly becoming a digital generation that hardly relies on paper anymore. Twitter’s one of my favorite social medias. It’s as personal as you allow it to be. It’s not Facebook and it’s not mySpace. You’d be surprised at the amount of people I’ve met [with], networked with and interviewed because of twitter. I also think it’s one of the best ways to keep in touch,” said Kymmi.

For their website, they have bloggers and videographers who interview new artists who have yet to “make it.” They’ve had the pleasure of interviewing artists like Wiz Khalifa, A$AP Rocky and Kenderick Lamar before they all released albums and became the mega rap stars they are today.  Kymmi met all of these artists at the CMJ Marathon in New York City which is a music convention that allows the media to learn about rising stars. Artists like Lady Gaga have performed at this convention in the past.

There are many iconic women in journalism but when it comes to radio, Angie Martinez is that woman. She first started working at Hot97 and was an artist before she became a radio host. She’s an icon because she represents the best in female radio deejays.

“Angie Martinez was actually a big inspiration growing up,” said Kymmi.  “I remember thinking she was so cool. I even used to listen to her album, which isn’t that good but I worshipped her. I still do, but I’d say it’s more of an appreciation now. I respect her as a human being. I feel like this media thing wasn’t something I chose, but something that chose me rather.”

When you look at Angie Martinez and take a look at Kymmi Cee, you can tell she is heading in the right direction but she is definitely her own person, from the clothes she wears to her changing hairstyles.

“I never look the same and admire change so there will be days where my hair’s curly and it’s got green random streaks in it and there are days where it’s straight with some red or whatever I’m feeling like doing to it,” said Kymmi Cee.  “My favorite place to shop is at a thrift store. It’s cheap and timeless so you get to have fun with a lot of the things you buy. I didn’t have a lot of money growing up so I had to find a substitute to being trendy. I mean there was a point where I was making my own money and fell into them a bit, you know Jordan’s and all these other brand names, but it wasn’t really me. As I got older I dropped all that and cared less.”

The thing about Kymmi and her unique style is that it not only sets her apart from everyone else, it’s how everyone else recognizes her. If she’s fitting in with the crowd, something has to be wrong because that’s just not who she is.

Kymmi also explained that her success takes work and she knows fame won’t come over night.

“Remain humble. Read. Learn and surround yourself around others who strive for similar things,” said Kymmi as her advice to college students wanting to pursue a career in media. “A lot of young people in this industry don’t want to pay their dues. They just want the glory and it doesn’t work like that. Interning is a great way to stay connected, meet people and make great contacts. Interning also gives you a good idea of what you want to do and better yet, what you don’t want to do.”

In the future, Kymmi would like to be a college professor and inspire young people. She also wants to travel, speak to others about her life and how she entered the media industry and she also sees herself writing a book or two.

“Good Fella Media becoming more than just an independent company is always a huge goal,” said Kymmi. “I’m networking a whole lot in order to pursue these goals. There’s nothing better than getting yourself out there and just learning.”


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