Sedona Comes to Hoboken

By: Tatiana Ferraro, Class of 2014 — 

Sedona Handcrafted Jewelry was established in 2003 on a busy sidewalk in Hoboken, New Jersey.

“We had a little table with our handcrafted jewelry,” Daisy Erdaide said.  Daisy and her husband Phil Erdaide then moved to a liquor store to expand their business. It sounds a bit odd to sell jewelry in a space such as this, but Daisy’s father owned this liquor store.

“My father had a nice setup for my jewelry in the window of his liquor store.  The glass extended all the way around, shelves were hung by fish wire and created a floating effect which was really cool!” Daisy said. 

Customers enjoyed going in for a bottle of wine and buying a piece of jewelry.  “Me and my father were a team.  Liquor and jewelry are intoxicating items”. 

Daisy and her husband stayed at her father’s liquor store for three years.   “We were making our own jewelry and working with local artists,” Daisy said.  Their business started expanding and it required more space.  Eventually they moved to their own store on 320 Washington Street and business boomed even more.

“It was official! We finally had our own little space and from there we started working with artists in the United States and internationally,” Daisy said. 

The name Sedona came about after Daisy and Phil took a trip to Arizona and fell in love with the place.  They also named their daughter Sedona. “She was just an infant when we started.  As our store has grown, so has our daughter,” Daisy said.

Sedona has expanded yet again because they need more space for their growing business and is now located on 201 Washington Street in Hoboken,NJ.  When customers walk in they are immediately greeted by the vibe in the store which is soothing and comforting. 

“We like smooth easy going music.  My husband likes to play Native American music, very earthly sounds,” Daisy said.  When it comes to her taste in jewelry it’s all about the stones and earthly colors.  “For my personal jewelry I use natural stones and leather, mostly earthly colors.  We also just started our vegan line for bags!” 

Daisy and Phil are big on spirituality and working with spiritual artists.  “I feel stones can give off a lot of good energy especially if the artist who’s making it has good energy,” Daisy said.  At Sedona customers will find positive vibes from Daisy and Phil Erdaide, through the music and the unique jewelry. 


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