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A look at NBC’s “Revolution”: A Review


“Revolution” is an action- packed, science fiction drama. With just eight episodes aired so far on NBC, “Revolution” has drawn me in episode after episode. The show takes place in a post-modern world that shows us what would happen if “the lights” just stopped working. Most of our entire life seems to depend on electricity, and if suddenly everything just stopped working, how could we survive?

There would be no electricity, no cell phones, or any modern technology. A world many in the Northeast experienced after Hurricane Sandy. In “Revolution” everything shuts down without notice and the whole world gets thrusted back to what feels like the industrial revolution all over again. The show follows Charlie Matheson, the main protagonist played by Actress Tracy Spiridakos who has starred in numerous television productions like “Supernatural,” “Hellcats,” “Psych,” “Being Human” and her own series, “Majority Rule.”

For the past 8 years Charlie has been growing up in this ancient environment. She has lost everything except for her brother and father. One dreadful day her brother Danny is taken away by the new order of government. She is then determined to get him back from the people who took him and ends up in death defying “situations” every episode. She meets a variety of characters along the way. Throughout her journey she finds out many secrets about people in her “past” life through twists and turns that will leave you at the edge of your seat. What Charlie does not know is that there is a way to get the power back, and that everyone she knows is somehow connected.

Episode after episode, Revolution seems to create new twists with a series of subplots always brewing. For example, every time they seem to be one step closer to getting Danny back the militia shows up, or there is a new conflict that arises and puts them in harm’s way. It is like she took two steps forward and three steps back, which I find to be a bit aggravating. Maybe because I am on Charlie’s side and want her to get her brother back. I get her frustration.

I do give kudos to Revolution for the scenery and background. Its production was done quite well. We are shown stadiums, and places that are familiar to the audience but portrayed in an almost post-apocalyptic way. The show is mostly filmed in Wilmington, N.C., where there are plenty of “overgrown” and abandoned locations.

In an early episode, Charlie reaches the Chicago Cub’s stadium she only dreamed about and to only find it  torn down, covered in vines, not looking anything like the stadium we know today; almost a reminder of the end of the original Planet of the Apes.

The fighting that goes on is fun thing to watch. The good thing about this is that the violence is not overwhelming; it is a mix of gory and smarts. Since guns are limited due to the low bullet supply, people’s fighting skills are put to the test. Charlie and her crew are usually fighting and do not always win.

This Sci-Fi drama, or as I’d like to call an action-packed thriller, will not disappoint. Once you learn about the valuable “failure” that was made while trying to create something else for the Department of Defense, you will then have the pieces to the puzzle of Revolution, but it will still have you at the edge of your seat cheering for the headstrong and daring Charlie Matheson. You can catch Revolution Monday nights at 10 pm on NBC.


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