Top 6 Best Albums Of All Time

By Yarleen Hernandez ‘14 & Francesca Rizzo ‘14

Hello everyone!

We have compiled a list of our top 6 best albums of all time, from our perspective, of course!

Yarleen’s Top 3


1. Who doesn’t love a sultry voice and a hard-rock, tattooed upper body? Adam Levine from Maroon 5 is a great reason to love their debut album, Songs About Jane. But that’s not the only reason why I love it. Maroon 5’s Songs About Jane brought a unique pop-rock sound to the airwaves with their romantic verses and soulful lyrics. With hit singles Harder to Breathe, Sunday Morning, This Love and my all-time favorite song, She Will Be Loved(which has been featured in the media countless times since its release) Songs About Jane solidified Maroon 5’s worldwide success. The album was considered a ‘sleeper-hit’ since it was not expected to be as successful as it was and as of today, it has sold over 4 million copies and was certified 4x platinum in the US. If you haven’t paid much attention to this band along the years, it’s time to give them an ear.


2. This foul-mouthed feminist’s mezzo-soprano voice will captivate and inspire you as it has done for me. Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill, Morissette’s most successful album and another album considered a ‘sleeper-hit’, features Morissette’s songs about love, heart-break, life, pain and all other human emotions which she expresses in a blunt and crude way that makes her more enchanting. Her sincerity and openness in her songs transports you into her vocalized diary which makes me relate to her. The album’s singles include Ironic, You Oughta Know, You Learn, Head Over Feet, Hand In My Pocket and All I Really Want. It sold 33 million copies worldwide and was certified 2x diamond by the RIAA. Many people my age only know few of Morissette’s songs so I encourage everyone to give this artist a shot with her old work as well as her new stuff.


3. Yes, this artist might be a womanizer, but his music is undoubtedly exceptional. John Mayer’s Continuum brought a whole different side of Mayer to the radio waves. With his incorporated tones of Blues, this album differed greatly from his previous albums which were more pop-rock. The top hit singles from the album include Gravity, Dreaming With A Broken Heart, Say and Waiting On The World To Change. One of my favorite songs from the album is Stop This Train in which Mayer sings about life, getting older and how this continues even though you might want to ‘stop this train’ because of your fear of aging. I can relate to this song particularly because I have this fear as well. My favorite John Mayer song from all of his albums is featured in Continuum titled Slow Dancing In A Burning Room. It is about a relationship that cannot be repaired even though there is still love left. I recommend that everyone listen to that last one, it’s truly unforgettable!

Francesca’s Top 3

1. My all -time favorite album is undoubtedly punk rock legends Green Day’s rock opera album titled ‘American Idiot’. The album was released in 2004 and won several Grammy Awards, including Best Rock Album as well as MTV Music Video Awards. The success of this album was so grandiose, it was taken to a broadway stage. Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong even debuted in the show itself. ‘American Idiot’ has been hailed as one of the greatest rock albums of all time, going multi platinum with singles such as American Idiot, Jesus of Suburbia, Holiday, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, and Wake Me Up When September Ends.

2. What kind of all- time favorite list would this be without mentioning the King of Pop? Released in 1982, Michael Jackson’s album ‘Thriller’ revolutionized the world of pop culture. It has gone over 29x’s certified multi platinum and sold over 110 million copies worldwide. Familiar singles include Billie Jean, Beat It, PYT (Pretty Young Thing), The Girl Is Mine, Wanna Be Startin’ Something, Human Nature and of course, Thriller.

3. This last album is the product of a group that prefers to call themselves a ‘man band’ over what most would call a ‘boy band’. British pop sensation The Wanted have finally broken America with their debut American EP self titled ‘The Wanted’. A familiar tune would be the single ‘Glad You Came’ which has already gone multi platinum. Other singles include ‘Chasing The Sun’ off of their EP and a brand new single called ‘I Found You’ off of their upcoming studio album. The Wanted never fail to put on an amazing performance; they’ve already performed on big award shows such as The Billboard Awards and The American Music Awards. With the rapid success of this group, I would say they are definitely worth checking out and keeping an eye out and an ear open for!

Hope you all enjoyed our top 6 albums!

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