Top Ten Book Choices for the Holidays; Your gift guide for book readers!

By Emily Alequin, Class of 2014 and Tatiana Ferraro, Class of 2014
x-mas books edited
Bookworms, Rejoice! Tis the season to be reading and spreading the cheer to all your fellow book lovers! So if you’re someone who would rather skip buying a barnes&noble or amazon giftcard this year and instead buy your friend or loved one a book that everyone is talking about, then here’s a list to help you out. There’s a title for almost everyone here!

For the romance lover:

1. Crossfire Series (Bared to You/Reflected In You) by Sylvia Day

Reflected In You

Many readers of the ’50 Shades‘ trilogy often say that they now have no idea what to read after diving into the realm of erotic romance. Sylvia Day’s first two novels in her Crossfire series may be able to fill that void and offer some comfort in the form of a steamy read. (The third book is set to release next May.)2. After Midnight by Teresa Medeiros 

A great mix of historical and paranormal literature and perfect for any lover of the two genres. Filled with moments bound to keep one surprised or turning the pages, ‘After Midnight‘ is an interesting tale of vampire romance with a broad cast of characters, a sense of mystery and an even better sequel.

Mystery or Suspense enthusiasts: 

1.) Gone Girl by Gilian Flynn

Give the gift of mystery in New York Times best selling author Gilian Flynn’s “Gone Girl”. This suspensful novel reflects on a wife who disappeared randomly and husband left to find her. The plot twists are sure to be a treat for all Mystery/Suspense lovers.

2.) Catch Me by Lisa Garder

Cuddle up by the fire with this thriller novel, perfect for lovers of the thrill and shrill that suspense brings. The protagonist is faced with the overwhelming feeling that she will be murdered and seeks help from a detective, but will he be able to save her in time? Lisa Garder is another of New York Times best seller authors and has received good reviews for “Catch Me”.

With a movie release coming in just two short months, this set is perfect with helping a fellow reader catch up with the series or just be introduced into it. Plenty of reasons to pick this one up: fantasy, casters of magic, mysteries and conspiracies and plenty of intertwining backstories that help to create a complex and unique book series.2. Struck By Lightning  by Chris Colfer

Another title set to be released as a major motion film in January, this novel has gotten plenty of attention especially since it’s the second book written by the ‘Glee‘ actor turned novelist. Described as being funny, smart and even slightly dark at times, ‘Struck By Lightning‘ is great for any reader looking for a classic high school novel written to hold your interest and maybe even give you a few ideas on blackmail?

(Warning: Try this title for a teen/young adult at least 17 yrs old due to language!)

For the ones who still like to keep track: 

1.) Holiday Cooking (Cooking Light) By Heather Averett

You, your friends, or family members may be food conscious, especially during the Holidays. This is the perfect gift for your health aware loved ones! Share the joy of eating the food you love without adding that extra notch in your belt this Holiday.

2.) Dash Diet Action Plan By Marla Heller

Dash Diet is a simple way to quickstart your diet after this Holiday Season. Everyone enjoys to splurge during the Holidays, but this is a great way to kickstart your New Years resolution. A healthy eating lifestyle could improve your moods and ability to revive yourself after the stress and feasting of the Holidays.

For the younger readers (or even someone wanting to feel like a kid again!):1. Nancy Drew Starter Set

This expert sleuth known as Nancy Drew has been making her way onto childrens bookshelves for decades. What better way is there to entertain your child this Holiday season? This boxset is the perfect way to start your child’s understanding of investigative skills and have fun learning at the same time.

2. The Guardians Box Sex (Rise of the Guardians Movie)

The Guardians of Childhood Box Set

If you’re someone who went to see Dreamwork’s newest release in theaters just in time for the holidays then you might want to look into the actual series straight from the mind and artistic talents of William Joyce. This set includes the first three books of the series and include wonderful illustrations and beautiful covers to entertain younger and even older readers.

And finally, don’t forget to pick up on any signs from your book lover. If they’ve been mentioning a certain book they’ve been dying to buy or read, then go and take the hint and get it for them! Our list isn’t your only reference, we’re sure. And remember to be on the lookout for any extra gifts to go along with that special book; like a book carrying tote, special and quirky bookmarks or a nice little reading light for those late night readers! Happy shopping!



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