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How Television Brings College Students Together


College life can be quite hectic. With an average of 15 hours of class a week, paired with countless hours of studying, one might wonder how college students relax during their leisure time? The current trend for college students nowadays is watching primetime television.

From primetime drama to sports highlights to late night talk shows, college students are spending their late night leisure time huddled together around the TV.

“Every Wednesday night, I plan my time around Nashville” says Emily Fenice, a Junior at Saint Peter’s University, “It’s my favorite show, and I haven’t missed a show yet.”

However according to the latest Nielsen ratings, television viewers are watching less primetime television. Researchers say Internet viewing from services such as Netflix are the main reason for a declining audience.

College students do use these services, but they use them in order to catch up on their favorite primetime shows and to understand the new episodes that are on every week. Services like Netflix do not release the newest content right away, so it makes the demand to watch live primetime programming much higher.

“My roommates and I started watching The League at the beginning of the semester,” says Mat Yuhas, a Senior at Saint Peter’s University, “We have been using Netflix to watch the first three seasons so we can catch up to the fourth season on television.”

So no matter if you are new to a television show, or an avid fan from day one, there is always a show that a college student can strengthen the bond between friends.


About beyondthenumbersbaseball

I'm a college student-athlete at Saint Peter's University. Class of 2014. Graduate of North Penn High School. I've been playing Baseball since I was 10, and the experience and life lessons I have learned have taught me everything I know about life.

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