What’s New is Old Again: Do-It-Yourself Makes a Comeback



One of the oldest activities we are seeing in the days of modern technology is the “Do it Yourself” method.These days, people aren’t seeking company or business help for small tasks anymore.  More people are learning how to make their own products and apply online references helping them achieve simple tasks, saving them sizable amounts of money.

Many Americans are using what they already have. This Do-it -Yourself trend is also known as, “The Maker Movement.” Do it Yourself, means building or creating something without the help of experts. Over the past few years there has been many websites via internet that mainly allows people to “teach themselves”, how to make things at home and showing them basic steps enabling them to “Do it Yourself.”

One website that has become extremely popular is Pinterest.com. Pinterest is a website that has many different categories ranging from home decor to making your own jewelry. For example, “Pinterest” shows you step-by-step how to completely redo an antique chair by restoring the chair with household products you may have unknowingly at your convenience.
Youtube is another website phenomena allowing people to teach themselves various forms of arts and crafts. Youtube  is a well- referenced media site that is accessed almost instantaneously by anyone, allowing for someone to watch a video regarding their topic of choice as many times as needed until fully understood or able to perform.
Etsy.com is another example of a website which also has become a hit for such lessons.  Everything seen on this website is hand made. There are also many DIY blogs that are starting to pop up which are helping people share with one another their DIY projects.
Jazmine Rivera, a 21 year-old college student has single handedly taken control of DIY by starting her own jewelry line. She first debuted her line on Instagram, a social networking site where users post only pictures where friends can comment on them.

Here her line thrived and her work was showcased to an entire social media world allowing for great publicity. Her website online is currently under construction because it became a struggle and a conflict between attending school and working full time. Jazmine also works with a partner to ensure its growth and maintain her business make her business success.
“I always loved arm candy which is a term used in today’s society to describe bracelets,” Jazmine said. “I also love chains, chains everything on my purses, necklaces, bracelets etc. but I never found a variety. That’s when I thought to myself there has got to be a way to incorporate colors and chains for everyday outfits. I was always the girl that wore a plain colored tee shirt and a cardigan and I always used jewelry to make a statement in my outfit. That’s when I started to make half chain half colored plastic bracelets.

“As time went on different sizes of chains and colors I started to love the bangle trend that was coming back into style. I thought what better way to colorize your plain gold bangles but by weaving them half way to show some color and some gold? This was all for personal use then I donated some of my bracelets to a school to sell for a fundraiser when I noticed how fast they were selling and people asked for them after the fundraiser was over I thought that maybe this can be an opportunity to make some money.”
“I learned the weaving technique used for the bracelets when I was younger in summer camp when we made key chains the same way, the only difference is that instead of applying the silver ring when I was done I would add the bracelet part to each end.” She said. “I watched some videos on YouTube to teach me how to successfully open a chain without hurting myself, or how to make a name out of a wire with a specific tool.”

Thanks to social media, do it yourself jewelry has taken off in all kinds of creative directions one can imagine.  For anybody who is willing to try and to get into the “Do it Yourself” trend it’s a great way to save money, work from home and it offers time in the household with family and offers an opportunity to pick up a fun and creative hobby. So many young girls and women want to learn how to start making their own jewelry and one day maybe open their own line as well. It’s a competitive field, but here are some ideas.

“For anyone that would like to start any line I would say put your heart into it, and make stuff that you would wear,” she said. “If you wouldn’t wear it people won’t buy it and always try to throw a spin on it, many things are duplicated this day in age you would want someone to see your work and know you did it. It does time and its tedious perfecting jewelry because the components are so tiny sometimes but be patient because the end result is handmade with love.”
Nicole Cevetello, a 20-year-old working woman finds spare time to make bracelets, and clutches. Nicole always had a love for making things and in high school she took fashion 101, a class where she realized quickly this was her passion.
“It’s very ironic how a piece of rubber and elastic can be molded and created into something so beautiful.” Nicole said. “I went into the class with a closed mindset and I soon realized that I loved making my own stuff.I have saved so much money by making my own clutches and bracelets. I also give the clutches as gifts and I think it means more to the person receiving a gift you have handmade yourself. Being in that class really helped me learn how to make bracelets, clutches, and pillows. I still have some of the pillows that I made on my bed.”

Nicole also goes to flea markets and thrift stores to find old bags and she adds her own touch to them by adding rhinestones or beads.

“I’ve always been a fan of having everything pretty and full of glitter so why not take something old and make it new again.” Said Nicole.


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