Embracing Your Fursona


As brave as a lion, as sly as a fox, and as busy as a bee. People have always likened themselves to animals, be it in speech or in behavior. The group of people known as ‘furries’ have taken this fact to the next level, creating their own ‘fursona’ (a play on the word persona), as an extension of themselves that embraces their favorite animal or the animal they feel the most similar to.

The Furry Community embraces their fursona in the form of art, writing, music, and often times creating and wearing ‘fur-suits’, an outfit made to look like their fursona.

Some members of the furry community say that wearing a fursuit is a way of expressing oneself entirely, granting a sense of freedom that they otherwise would not have.

They are a close-knit group of people whose members can be found all across the globe, from Australia to Japan. And with countless dedicated websites such as furaffinity.net and wikifur.com, their numbers continue to grow.

And though some people dislike or disapprove of the fandom, furries will continue to be as proud as a peacock or a fox or a lion.


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