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Every Avenue is “Saying Goodbye”

by Jessica Hartland, Class of 2013

“Someday, somehow, I’ll make it home and I’ll stick around. One day, I’ll say, no more packing up, I’m settling down. Someday, someday I’ll figure it out, Someday somehow.”

The lyrics on Every Avenue’s latest record have become  true to life now that the band has decided to perform on their final tour.  Not being only band members, but best friends and brothers, they have been touring together for nearly six years.  However, the members thought that it was time for a new chapter in their lives.  Despite moving forward with their opportunities and adventures, being on their final tour has truly made them think of all the aspects they will miss by being on the road.

The sounds of fans screaming, the wild things that could only happen while travelling, and the ability to perform the music they love just adds to the reality of their time coming to an end.  Although they are departing as a band, for now, their meaningful lyrics and melodic tone will continue to stream over fans iPods and in their hearts.

As Every Avenue has always said, “this is see you later, I’m not into goodbyes.”


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