Saint Peter’s Students React to Connecticut School Shooting

By Valerie Jean, Class of 2014 — 

On Friday December 18, 2012, a heavily armed man walked into Connecticut elemenentary school and immediately shot fire. Within minutes, approxiamately 26 people were killed, 20 of them were children. This incident, silimar to the one that occured years ago at Virginia Tech, stunned the nation.

Suspected gunman, Adam Lanza proceeded to shoot himself in the head after mercilessly taking so many lives. The world responded almost immediately, expressing their regret and grief through numerous memorials, through reaction videos Youtube, through support pages on Twitter and Tumblr and within the comfort of their homes. The students of Saint Peter’s University also felt strongly about the incident. Although virtually at a loss for words about the mass murder, these Saint Peter’s University students muster up all they have to give the world their response.


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