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The Dog Days are Over: Pampering Man’s (and Woman’s) Best Friend

By Michelle Raghunandan, Class of 2014 — 

She’s wearing a Fendi coat, Channel shirt, Gucci shoes and a Juicy Couture collar? 

The dog days are over, literally it seems for man’s best friend.  More and more owners are pampering their dogs. It’s no surprise the dog grooming and novelty industry is over 5 billion dollars. What exactly falls into this category? Clothing , toys, shoes, hair products, nail polish, hygiene care etc. Say good-bye to kennels and hello to doggie daycare, and upscale dog hotels. One can pamper their dog as they would themselves.

“I shop for him first..he’s very spoiled …If its something I like I don’t watch the money,” says dog owner Anna who was with her Shih Tzu Bichon mix Benji.

Yasmin only six years old loves getting cute outfits for her dog Bella, a Maltese. Why go to the extent of buy a animal an overly priced outfit. Dog owners such as such as these two ladies claim that these pets are more than animals they are family.

 It’s not a matter of age. young or old it is clear that these owners today want to care for their dogs.


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