St. Peter’s Parking Wars

By Tevin Cunningham, Class of 2014

Saint Peter’s University has a large population of commuters, but very few parking lots. It is a constant struggle for drivers to get a parking spot.

Some of the parking lots can only hold about 8 or 9 cars depending on how people park. People park overnight when overnight parking is not allowed so those cars stay there for days.

Parking is also stressful for residents who own cars because the only overnight parking lot is furthest away from campus and in a dangerous area of Jersey City.

Residents have to take their chances with Jersey City parking rules. On a daily basis you will see cars with boots and tickets all over Glenwood Avenue.

What makes matters worse is that Saint Peters has started to enforce towing in some of the more popular parking lots. Money is a constant problem for college students, so no one wants to pay $250 for a ticket or $150 to take a boot off their car.

Commuters carrying around quarters are a very common, even for commuters who already paid $170 for a parking permit but end up having to park at parking meters.

Cars without valid Saint Peter’s parking permits are not allowed to park in any of the parking lots but there are plenty of cars without permits parked in almost every lot. That takes away from the students who are paying $170 for parking permits.

It’s chaotic but seems like drivers are going to have to adapt and
learn different strategies be victorious in these parking wars.


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