New Journeys – Pulaski Skyway Close for Renovations

By John Motacki, Class of 2015 —

Pulaski Skyway
Pulaski Skyway

A two-year rehabilitation project is underway on the Pulaski Skyway.

On April 12th, the northbound side of the Pulaski Skyway was shut down and is currently under renovation.

The 80 year old bridge is in decay due to lack of renovations over the years. The bridge, also known as Route 1 & 9, is now shut down for the next two years.

The rehabilitation project will cost up to $1 billion in renovations and repairs. Repairs will be made to both the bridge itself and the roadways along its path. The bridge that 40,000 people travel on daily, will now be out of use.

Thousands of people are now forced to find alternate routes to their places of work, schools or homes. New Jersey is urging citizens to take mass transit, including trains and buses. However, for those who will continue to use their cars in their commute, there are other routes that can be taken.

A few alternate routes include taking the 1 & 9 Truck Route and using the New Jersey Turnpike extension. The alternate routes, however, will now see massive delays and traffic.

With the main way of transportation being shut down, the side routes will face more traffic than it has ever seen before. The Pulaski Skyway is on a list of the worst bridges in the country, but after this restoration, it might be on the list for one of the best.


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