Sneakerheads Walking on Money

By Celeste McElveen, Class of 2015 —

Textbooks are probably the most expensive item you think a college student has in their dorm room but it’s actually what they wear on their feet.

College students wear some of the most elaborate designer sneakers on the market right now. Some of the top designers worn by college students are Nike, Jordan, Adidas, KD’s, Vans etc. Some of the prices are outrageous for sneakers, but students put the money up to rock the latest fashions.

Some even pay an abundance of about $700. Most of the students don’t have to worry about paying bills at this moment in their life. Because they don’t have to worry about bills, they spend their money on fashion and food.

Even though a lot of adults think the younger generation spends way too much money on sneakers, it’s not as though they’re wasting money. Most of the young men that buy designer sneakers take pride in what they have.

A lot of young men know the value of sneakers. The dollar value goes up on certain sneakers that are no longer manufactured. Some sneakers sell on Ebay for a couple thousand dollars. Young men take care of their sneakers extremely well. Their sneakers are in mint condition.

Usually a pair of sneakers last a few years, but young men take such good care of their sneakers, they keep them for so much longer. The reaction among young men when someone steps on their sneakers is astonishing. It’s a mutual respect that you wipe the other person’s sneaker off and apologize for literally stepping on hundreds of dollars.


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