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Hoboken-Based Indie Band Rest Ashore to Release Debut Album


(From left to right) Bassist Gabriel Bond, Lead Singer/Guitarist Erica Butts, Drummer Isabelle Diamond, and Lead Guitarist Franklin Savulich (Photo courtesy of Jay Savulich)

Hoboken indie band Rest Ashore has recently finished and is set to release their debut LP, The Human Error under Mulberry Sound Recordings.

The name of the album is derived from one of Rest Ashore’s songs of the same title.

The Human Error comes from the general discomfort and resentment that comes from existing as a human, especially if you believe you are born with some type of ‘mistake’ that makes you feel unaccepted or inconsistent with society. The error in my mind at the time was being homosexual, but now I realize it can apply to anyone who has felt guilty for being different,” said lead singer/guitarist of Rest Ashore Erica Butts.

The album, Butts explained, has a lot to do with the negative, dark aspects of one’s self — from separation anxiety to dependency issues.

“The overall theme of The Human Error definitely has a lot of teenage angst and heartbreak,” she laughs. “It’s getting over the awful things in the universe that are weighing you down, and screaming at them.

Rest Ashore’s sound is certainly incomparable. Aggression and softness clash together in perfect harmony. Their music can be best described as music with a sound that you can both dance and headbang to. Catchy, melodic riffs from guitarist Franklin Savulich, and a complex, grooving rhythm from bassist Gabriel Bond and drummer Isabelle Diamond complement each other smoothly as singer Erica Butts’ raw, powerful vocals rough the band’s sound up in the most beautiful way.

Butts credits Paramore’s Hayley Williams, System of a Down’s Serj Tankian and Say Anything’s Max Bemis as a few of her singing inspirations.

“They all have the powerful belting that’s needed to get the emotion across, while Bemis definitely inspired me with his brutally honest lyrics and Williams inspired the importance of memorable vocal melodies.”

She also draws inspiration from her favorite band, all-girl Japanese band Tricot.

“They serve a new type of girl-power with their technically thought-out math rock music, but still have purely punk stage presence,” she says.

When asked to spell out their band name using words that they feel describe their upcoming album, Rest Ashore eventually gave us a glimpse of how much personality they have:


Axe/acorn (Couldn’t decide)
Rheumatoid arthritis

All of the songs Rest Ashore’s upcoming album are currently on Soundcloud as demos, but have been professionally recorded for the album. You can listen to demos from The Human Error before its studio release here.

For more information on Rest Ashore, visit their Facebook page. You can also receive studio/album and show updates from Mulberry Sound Recordings on their Facebook page here.

(by: Meghan Ianiro)


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