Behind the lens

Dominique Koranteng

Art and Entertainment Journalism


Looking Behind the Lens



Film producer Emmanuel Saint-Ange likes a lot of things – much like the many ventures he’s interested in and is doing. Moving from the concrete jungle that is New York City, to California to pursue his MFA (Master of Fine Arts) degree in TV writing and producing at Loyola Marymount University, Emmanuel have been making strides to get noticed – although that isn’t necessarily his goal.

“I’m not popular, I never was, never have been, never will try to be. I’m here to do God’s work not win a bullshit popularity contest,” Emmanuel said in a recent Facetime interview.


Although Emmanuel may not have always wanted to produce, with his bachelor of science  in math and outside concentrations in biology and Chinese, he knew he was always a creative soul.

‘I’ve always been creative and always knew I wanted to do entertainment. I grew up in love with Michael Jackson, wanting to be him, in some ways I still do. I grew up in Brooklyn and when I got to high school I became so enthralled with rap that I was so convinced that I would be the next Nas or Jay-Z,” Emmanuel said. “When I got to my senior year of high school it was time to be ‘realistic’ and I decided to study sciences. When I got to my junior year, my creative nature exploded and I began writing and producing plays, and from there short films….I haven’t looked back since.”


Emmanuel’s first play was in his junior year of college called the “The Lady in My Life.” It’s a title that was taken from Michael Jackson’s Thriller album that was released in 1982. His other most rewarding moments include graduating from Morehouse and accepting Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

Movies that Emmanuel draws his inspiration from are Gravity, Kill Bill, Schindler’s List, Twelve Years a Slave, and Mo Better Blues, although not in that exact order.

“My favorite movie is BOOMERANG because I love the story line, and I love Halle Barry. She is truly the epitome of beauty that I honor and respect. The story line is amazing and I think it was just a great film,” Emmanuel said.

Not only does Emmanuel draw inspiration from movies but his spirituality has a great deal with what he produces as well as past relationships, and family.

“I draw my inspiration from God #1. He is my Alpha and Omega, second was a heartbreak that I never got over, I just moved on and let go. But the relationship inspires me to dig deep and always challenge myself because she was someone who did that on a daily basis,” stated Emmanuel. “As artists we are blessed and cursed with being able to create our greatest works from our worst pains and failures, and so the pain of success hovers over our head. My sisters and I grew up with nothing and so it’s important that I die with everything and leave something behind for them.”


Growing up in Brooklyn, Emmanuel never had much access to technology, unlike how most kids today who have MacBooks and are glued to their iPhones; instead Emmanuel would sing in the choir or a school play. He never grew up with any animals either, although his sister did have a pet fish.

“My sisters had a pet fish when I was young. The glass burst through the fish tank and my parents never got us any other pets. And when my mother got cream carpet she never wanted to ruin it,” Emmanuel laughed thinking back to the nostalgic time back in Brooklyn. “I’m working on a TV comedy about a guy who has a Boston terrier named Charles, and I’d like to think that he’s real sometimes, though I know better.”


Emmanuel has worked as a production assistant, including working on a TV show pilot with Tony Rock. He has also done production assistant work on music videos that feature the now divorced video vixen Amber Rose, and Cycle 3 America’s Top Model winner Eva Marcille Pigford. Emmanuel mainly writes scripts and is currently writing a movie, two TV pilots, a stage play, and two books that he plans to release after graduation.

“If I write it, it comes from the heart and it’s a story that I feel must be told, both for entertainment and social value,” he said.


Emmanuel is still  in school, and actually has no trouble balancing the two, unlike most students who have trouble juggling school and work.

“I don’t need to balance school life and work. Sometimes the fun stuff is work, sometimes I sleep or read but that’s sometimes work. It’s the best fucking job in the world. It’s not work, its serious play with great people,” Emmanuel smiled. “What I hate about it is fame. Although it seems like people knowing you is great, it can be a bitch most of the time and it causes for a lot of ugly byproducts.”


Emmanuel doesn’t want to stop at writing scripts for TV and working as a production assistant he can see himself delving into many ventures.

“I see myself doing a lot of different things, eventually directing. I plan to be a business mogul like Jay-Z, Oprah, and Michael Jordan. I want to be a billionaire with different ventures from a sports franchise, to owning an alcohol company, etc.” Emmanuel said.


Emmanuel believes he is different from other filmmakers because of the way that he thinks and the way that he acts is what makes him unique from other producers.

“I am focused. I am strategic. I am intelligent. I am Brooklyn. I am hungry. I am extremely talented, and not just at writing and producing things.”



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