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Profile: Words Never Spoken’s Jon Padilla

10568970_932418050107712_7441539898197927530_nIt looks like a typical dorm room, extra long twin bed, posters of models and rock bands, a baseball bat next to a gym bag, and clothes scattered everywhere. However, in the right corner is an electric bass, one that has been played on stage many times. Most college students spend their weekends hanging out and partying, but for William Patterson junior Jonathan Padilla, he spends his weekends on stage. Padilla is the bassist and backup vocalist for metal band Words Never Spoken.
Padilla’s love of music started from an early age, starting with an appreciation of Jazz music. His first instrument was a trumpet, enjoying the challenge that came with mastering something completely new to him. Around the same time his passion for baseball also started to grow, so he started joining school sports team.
It was in high school that his passion for rock music emerged. Influenced by Avenged Sevenfold and Corey Taylor of Slipknot, Padilla knew he wanted to join a band. Words Never Spoken formed in Elizabeth, NJ at Elizabeth High School. Along side Padilla are Issac D’Amico (Rhythm Guitar/ Vocals), Alvaro Vera (Lead Guitar), and Roderick “Element” Sanchez (Drums).
“I thought it’d be cool to express my love for music in a different way, playing bass and singing,” said Padilla, “I usually schedule weekend shows and because baseball is a spring sport my schedule is a little more open.”
He has to divide his time between school, being a student athlete, and the band. For him school comes first with baseball and the band tied for second. He also speaks to promoters, books the gigs, handle the merchandise sales, and the tickets too.
“Music will always be my one and only, which is why I still continuing play,” states Padilla.
Words Never Spoken has played shows all over the New Jersey area. Using social media and word of mouth to get fans to come out, the band’s shows are always high energy. And it wouldn’t be a rock concert if someone didn’t break something or throw it off the stage. One of Padilla’s favorite moments was when he threw the mic stand off the stage during the closing song of the set.
Many people start bands in high school, then break up after graduation, but Padilla’s band is still going strong. Not many people can say that alongside being a full time student and athlete, they are also in a band. Jonathan Padilla is doing it all and shows no sign of slowing down.


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