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10 People to Follow on Instagram ASAP

by Meghan Ianiro, Danielle Pimentel, and Dominique Koranteng

There’s a little bit of voyeur in all of us. Perhaps we’re inspired by others; perhaps we crave entertainment; or perhaps we’re just plain nosey. Whatever the reason, Instagram is the perfect app for us to not only share photos of our own lives, but to step into the lives of others as well. Here’s a list of 10 people to follow on Instagram in order to cater to all your voyeuristic needs!

Meghan’s Picks:

Charli XCX (@charli_xcx) 


She’s “so fancy, you already know” (especially if you follow her on Instagram). British pop singer Charli XCX’s Instagram is the ultimate eye pleaser – from the vintage effects on her photos to her signature grungy fashion and voluminous curly hair. Charli’s 90s aesthetic and the bright, showy colors displayed in her photos are the Instagram equivalent of going on a vacation to Candyland with the Spice Girls, Joan Jett, and Kurt Cobain in Barbie’s Glam RV (Trust me, it all makes sense when you look at her photos).

Cole Sprouse (@camera_duels)


You may know Cole Sprouse as Cody from the Disney Channel’s The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. In fact, many people still do – so many people, that Sprouse created an Instagram dedicated to taking pictures of people who try to sneakily take photos of him. Not only does the Instagram poke fun at the struggles a celebrity faces each day when it comes to getting photos taken of them, he also adds cackle-inducing captions to his photos.

Jared Leto (@jaredleto)


When he’s not melting our hearts with his vocals in Thirty Seconds to Mars or his award-winning acting skills, Jared Leto is grabbing our attention on Instagram. If you’re looking to swoon at him in all his glory, laugh at his funny faces and  screenshots of his drawn-on Snapchat selfies, or keep updated with what he’s doing on tour and in Hollywood, Jared Leto’s Instagram is the place to go. Even for those who aren’t fans of his, Leto’s photos are certainly one-of-a-kind.

Danielle’s Picks:

Hilary Duff (@hilaryduff)


I love Hilary Duff’s Instagram because Lizzie McGuire was my favorite show as a kid. Out of all the Disney stars from back in the day, Duff is one of the few who made it out okay. I love seeing pictures of her adorable son. I swear, she is the cutest mom ever.

Vanessa Hudgens (@vanessahudgens)


Vanessa Hudgens is another Disney star who turned out fantastic. I love her Bohemian style. Hudgens is definitely a modern hippie. I wish I had her closet. All of her clothes are amazing.

Meghan Rosette (@meghanrosette)


Meghan Rosette is one of my favorite YouTube beauty gurus and her Instagram is amazing. All of her photos have a monochrome theme going on which I love. Her SoCal style is to die for: a perfect mix of girly and laid-back. I love looking at her Instagram for fashion inspiration.

Dominique’s Picks:

        Vadim Makhorov (@makhorov)


Vadim Makhorov is a cool person to follow on Instagram because all of his pictures are taken from up high. Each of the placed in a different city, and can make you feel quite small or like you’re king of the world with his awesome perspective.

Murad Osmann (@muradosmann)


Murad Osmann follows his girlfriend everywhere. It’s not creepy, it’s actually quite beautiful. He captures beauty with every shot in amazing places all over the world with his girlfriend’s (now fiancé’s) hand in front. 

ItsMyRayeRaye (@itsmyrayeraye)


ItsMyRayeRaye is a natural-haired, relatable beauty in the Instagram world. Raye, the woman who runs the accounts, shares hair, makeup, and fashion tips to those who may need it. She can also be found on YouTube and Twitter.

Overall Pick:

Kim Kardashian (@kimkardashian)


Whether you love her or love to hate her, there’s no doubt that all eyes are on Kim Kardashian. Her recent photo shoot for Paper magazine has sparked a great deal of controversy (Hint: it’s essentially what you see above, minus the clothing). This scandalous photo, along with family photos, fashion looks, and nights out on the town, among others, can be found on Kardashian’s Instagram. Follow Kim Kardashian because guaranteed, this selfie queen will likely be the topic of discussion of the group of people next to you.


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