By Alex Johnson and Essence Rogers

Tumblr, the microblogging platform, has taken the world by storm. One can simply create their own world and visually display their feelings. However, Tumblr is not just a cyber diary. It is a platform where people post news, cartoons, artwork, and all things concerning entertainment. Here are the Top 5 Best Art and Entertainment Tumblr pages!


Beyoncé Art History is a hilarious Tumblr page in which relevant Beyoncé lyrics are placed over historical photographs and paintings. Most millennials have no clue who produced these historic pieces of artwork, however, leave it to Beyoncé to help us make sense of it all! Although this page was obviously made to make people laugh, some have even said his page helped them understand what exactly was occurring in these paintings. Luckily, art is subjective so whether we understand what the artist was trying to convey or not, we can all agree that Beyoncé has helped us not only with her music, but with her cryptic ways of guiding us to appreciate art. Thank you Beyoncé…for everything.


Rappers Doing Normal Sh*t shows rappers in their most natural state eating, getting tattoos, or even taking selfies. We are so accustomed to seeing these larger than life rap stars jumping around on stage so imagine seeing of them petting a dog. Many of the photos posted on this page go viral so expect to see some used as memes on Twitter and Instagram. These rappers are not nearly as tough and aggressive as everyone thinks. These men and women have families, pets, and even play an occasional game of golf. Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself!


Humans of New York is an amazing Tumblr page that was eventually turned into a New York Times Bestseller. Brandon Stanton walks through the streets of New York taking photographs of people going about their day and asking about their lives. Everyone from black to white, from aristocrats to the homeless, Stanton asks them all about their lives, accomplishments, and shortcomings. People from all over the world dream of moving to New York. This page gives them the chance to get an inside look of the lives of people who already reside there. Stanton’s curiosity will not only help people realize that everyone is facing a battle, but will also help one appreciate his or her own life.


Bobby Finger is a copywriter who has published articles in The Hairpin and Vanity Fair Online. He has used his journalism skills to create one of the most popular pages on Tumblr. This page covers everything from new music to new movies, anything Bobby Finger is interested in. His page is laid out simply, but captures the visitor’s attention with funny memes. It is nice to see a comedic page where celebrities are not bashed and/or ridiculed. His humorous take on pop culture has attracted so many visitors that his page has made a lot of lists including BuzzFeed’s Most Popular Tumblr pages. Well Bobby Finger, you have made our list too!


The Daily What provides celebrity and art news as well as news for gamers. This page is for everyone, especially people who enjoy meme cartoons (and everyone does). It was literally made for millennials and everything dear to us. It made TIME’s Top 30 Tumblr Pages and its following increases with each day. It’s about time someone recognized the millennial culture. The Daily What does not frown on our social media obsession, but embraces it as part of a very complex culture. Our kids will definitely be able to look at this page years from now and realize how crazy we are!


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