Top Viral Videos!



  1. “What Does the Fox say?”- Ylvis

Mark: The first time I watched this I thought “what in God’s name am I watching?” The next day I found myself singing along to it on the radio.

Claudia: The whole time I was watching this I had a smile on my face but at the end of the video I really had to ask myself, “What the hell does the fox say?”


  1. “Shake it Off”- Taylor Swift

Mark: I can’t even begin to describe my love for Taylor Swift and this video is just too good. There’s nothing better than an artist who knows how to poke fun at themselves.

Claudia: This video reminds of the meme “What I think I look like but what I actually look like.”


  1. “Anaconda”- Nicki Minaj

Mark: one word: DAYUM! Probably one of the most jaw dropping videos of 2014.

Claudia: Honestly, I’ve never seen so much ass in one video…


  1. “Rather Be”- Clean Bandit ft. Jess Glynne

Mark: My brother’s girlfriend showed me this video and my initial reaction was “AW!!!” I love how the song and video are an ode to their fans. Not many bands do that.

Claudia: I don’t know where Mark read that at, but I like love. I see love… FOR FISH.


  1. “Whip My Hair”- Willow Smith

Mark: I thought this was the most annoying songs when I first heard it. I also resented the fact that an11 year old got famous off a song about her hair. Besides my biased opinions there’s no denying how iconic this video is.

Claudia: I wish my mane was as long as her, but I think I would get less whiplash.



The Top 5 videos that get funnier the more you watch them

  1. Whitney Houston Cover .. Fail

Mark: I laughed so hard the first time I watched this! I totally sympathize with this girl though because I’m the same way if I can’t hit a high note when singing

Claudia: It sounds like me when I played Flappy Bird.


  1. I Ate All Their Halloween Candy

Mark: These parents are cruel for what they did but these kids are total brats. Lord knows if my kids ever reacted like that I would make sure they would never go trick-or-treating ever again.

Claudia: All these kids were hilarious but the cutest kid is at 1:55. I hope one day to have a kid that adorable.


  1. Shovel To the Head –

Mark: Is is bad for laughing at other people’s pain? I mean, she’s okay so it should be fine for me to laugh, right?

Claudia: I would never want to get hit by shovel, but honestly, I’ve seen people get hit with worse things.


  1. My fucking Cinnamon apple

Mark: I kept seeing people tweeting about this video and I thought to myself “What the hell is so funny about this?” After I watched it i couldn’t stop saying “YOU WAS MY BABY, MY FUCKIN CINNAMON APPLE” for days.

Claudia: My boyfriend sent me this video and I found it hysterical. A couple of days later he sent me chocolate covered cinnamon apples from Edible Arrangements. Every time I think about cinnamon apples I think of this video…


  1. Door Falling on Girl

Mark: What’s funny about this video is not that the door falls on her, but her face when she goes to turn the camera off. Classic.

Claudia:Why did anyone give this little girl a camera? Where are her parents?


Top 5 of Vine

  1. Pronouncing names

Mark: Mispronouncing names is so common at SPU and honestly, most people react like this. It’s pretty great.

Claudia: I know a Shithead… I still can’t pronounce their name right.


  1. Eyebrows on Fleek –

Mark: I blame this video for the bad grammar of the youth. But the way this girl talks is just way too funny.

Claudia: I want my eyebrows to be “on fleek… da f*ck.”


3.Barbie into Fire (remix)

Mark: I’ve never laughed so hard watching a video. what are the chances of your twirling barbie flying into the fire?!

Claudia: I wonder if she ever got her barbie back.

  1. Eyes on you –

Mark: THIS KID’S FACE IS ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS. It’s almost impossible not to laugh at him.

Claudia: At first I thought he looked scared but look at him! He’s having fun!


  1. look at all these chickens


Mark: I literally say this at least twice a day.

Claudia: Honestly, I don’t even know what kind of birds those are. They look like ducks but sound like turkeys, so we’ll go with chickens.


Where did these kids come from?! The top 5 funniest kid videos

  1. “Let me Poop”- Frozen Parody

Mark: Claudia actually showed me this in class one day. This girl gives Weird Al a run for his money!

Claudia: Who doesn’t find poop funny? I wonder who wrote this for her.


  1. “I want to be famous”

Mark: I am this girl. She is me. We are one.

Claudia: I thought this little girl was about to invite me into her “Free Candy” van.


  1. Brendan Jordan the dancing diva at Downtown Summerlin grand opening

Mark: This kid WORKS it! There’s nothing better than someone who’s so confident in who they are that they dance like Lady Gaga on camera.

Claudia: I’m surprised the sass didn’t smack the news reporter around, because it sure got that little girl’s attention.


  1. The Original Vogue Diva

Mark: This kid is such an icon that he is such a popular Tumblr meme. Not to mention that I’ve watched this video a thousand times and I seem to laugh harder ever time.

Claudia: I don’t think vogue can get any better. Thanks Mark!


  1. Linda Listen

Mark: This kid is so damn sassy. If he was my kid I wouldn’t even be mad that he was talking back to me.

Claudia: When my boyfriend and I argue I somehow squeeze in “Linda, Listen!”


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