Top 10 Evil Bastards in Entertainment

By Bridget Whitfield and Lianne Uhrig

Their devilish, conniving, and creepy bastards that lurk in our television sets. They make us cringe, scream, and close our eyes from the shocking repulsive wickedness they posses. From the sick and twisted to the not so genius of evil, they’re the villains we love to hate. Here’s the Top Ten Villains in Entertainment!

1. Jigsaw (Tobin Bell)

photo 1 (1)

From the gory Saw movies that most people can’t stomach, Jigsaw takes the top spot for the most sick and twisted guy on screen. He put together horrifying and impossible death traps and called them “games”, challenging those he believed were sinners to fight for their life. From putting keys behind peoples eyeballs to games including carving inside of a human body for codes, Jigsaw is the worst of them all.

2. King Joffrey

king joffery

Played by Jack Gleeson in Game of Thrones, this sick and twisted young boy terrorized King’s Landing with his immature antics. His father is also his uncle by blood, so he was doomed from birth. He beheaded a young girls father, then held the girl captive in his castle so he could marry her. He sleeps with prostitutes, then kills them just for the fun of it. He treats his people and his own family like property, and instills fear in them for his own self-empowerment. Thankfully, someone poisoned him at his own wedding and he died. He was a prime example of too much power in one person. A true creep.

3. The Joker (Heath Ledger)

photo 2

Definitely the creepiest of the bunch, the Joker is a vicious psychopath who kills for amusement and pleasure. He loves a good mind game and sort of lulls you to sleep until he pulls out his knife and slices the blade across your face. Smart and devious, he blows up buildings, robs banks, and tries to kill politicians in order to take down Batman and Gotham. With dried up clown make up dripping down his scars, he has a devious permanent smile with scars extending the corners of his mouth. He’s disgusting in every way.

4. Raymond Reddington (James Spader)


Starring in The Blacklist on NBC, Raymond Reddington is a cold-hearted killer on a mission to take down another evil bastard that’s trying to take him down (ironically). Reddington, also known as Red, is an international criminal who has money, connections, planes, passports, weapons, and top secret information at the tips of his fingers whenever he needs. He uses the FBI to get what he wants, while giving them what they want — other criminals just like him. He knows your darkest secrets, and your worst fears, and will share a bottle of vodka with you, then shoot you in the head because he didn’t like the way you laughed. In contrast, he has a loving soul, who has a deep connection to a certain FBI agent and we have yet to find out why. He’s for sure a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

5. Walter White (Bryan Cranston)

photo (1)

The fifty year old white guy from suburbia will murder you in cold blood and not blink an eye. Walter White from Breaking Bad, the chem teacher turned meth cook and distributor becomes a glorified drug lord who murders his friends, family, and business partners to keep his money flowing. He kills relentlessly in order to save his self and puts his victims in barrels of hydrofluoric acid to send their melted remains off to the dump. Not leaving a trace. As the murders add up, so does his viciousness and becomes desensitized by killing anyone in they way of his drug money.

6. Voldemort


He-who-must-not-be-named. He is the last descendant of Salazar Slytherin whose main goal is to rid the world of “muggles” and rule the pure blood world — which is odd because Voldemort is half blood as well. We all loved Harry Potter, and this weird looking, bald, creepy guy was the perfect villain for us to hate. He was raised in an orphanage, killed Harry’s parents and tried to kill Harry multiple times. Voldemort was obsessed with killing and thrived off of the rush. Even though Voldemort is a fictional character, our love for Harry Potter makes our hate for Voldemort that much stronger.

7.Cruella De Vil


She kidnaps Dalmatian puppies for their fur. Need I say more? Her black and white hair could make someone dislike her just for that, but her selfish need for lavish fur makes everyone hate her. We find out that Cruella prefers puppies because their fur is still soft and more valuable in the fur industry as opposed to an older Dalmatian with coarse hair. We all saw this movie as children, and what child wants cute, spotted puppies to be killed by some crazy lady dressed in horrible clothes? Nobody.

8. Aldous Snow (Russell Brand)

photo 3

What a filthy and sexy villain he is. The rock star pops in as Sarah Marshalls new and pea brained boyfriend in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. With long curly locks and a heavy British accent, he walks around half clothed and blurts out his strong opinions on having sex with as many girls as he wants. He’s the worst form of evil. He can’t put a stick in the mud but somehow takes the love of your life away from you, and has no clue why you hate him!

9.Herbert (Family Guy)


We had to add a cartoon villain, so why not the most twisted of them all. Herbert the pervert is an Army Veteran His high pitched voice with a whistle-like lisp is creepy enough, but his blue bathrobe and metal walker make it even worse. He is obsessed with Chris, the paperboy, and frequently makes inappropriate comments to underage teenage boys. We find out that he is Roman Catholic, which isn’t so ironic. Obviously it is unacceptable to be a pedophile, but that voice gets ya’ every time.

10. Dr. Evil (Mike Myers)

photo 4

The name isn’t fitting. The most hilarious villain of them all, Dr.Evil from Austin Powers fails at being evil, but prevails in making you cry with laughter. With his outrageously goofy and sarcastic comments, his only evil is making fun of everyone and pissing them off while we die giggling at him. From the dancing scenes with his midget minion to the Jerry Springer scene where he calls his son “The margarine of evil”, he is deviously hilarious.


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