Clinton’s Millennial Problem, Not Such a Problem


Early on in the 2008 Democratic Primary, many saw Hillary Clinton as the inevitable candidate before, of course, she brutally lost to Barack Obama.  Seven years later, the same sentiment carries on.

But not all believe that her road to victory will be easy.

Nicholas Chciuk, a self-proclaimed Libertarian and Rand Paul supporter believes her lack of transparency will hurt her.

“I think one of Hillary’s biggest challenges will be certainly the issue of transparency,” Chcuik said.  He went on to say, “She’ll certainly have to court the youth. As we mentioned before, the transparency, I think, is a major issue for Millennial’s,”

But will Millennial’s actually play a role in the next election?

In 2008, Obama won the support of Millennial’s with 57% of the vote, compared to Clinton’s 38%, according to Pew Research.

Professor of Political Science at St. Peter’s University, Alain Sanders, believes it will be smart for Clinton to appeal to young voters but does not believe it is essential for her to win.

“Unfortunately, young voters do not vote in high percentages,” Sanders admitted.

According to an NPR article published last year, less than 25% of Millennial’s voted in the 2010 midterm election.  In 2008, 52% of Millennial’s turned up on Election Day but that number dwindled down to 45% in 2012.

While it may be difficult for Clinton to appeal to young voters, the numbers are on her side.  According to another Pew Research article, 55% of Millennial’s identify as Democrats, while only 36% sympathize with the Republican Party.

Callan Sheridan, a registered Republican but a Clinton supporter, believes that Clinton will be able to appeal to the youth.

“I think she’s heard a lot of our voices and wants to continue on with that progression of supporting us,” Sheridan said.




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