Slice of Life: Jaclyn Fitzgibbons Fights Back


Jaclyn Fitzgibbons was assaulted in a Staten Island bar during a Saint Patrick’s Day celebration and woke up in the hospital with stitches in her head and a vague recollection of what happened. Her mother told that her heart had stopped and she was pronounced dead twice. She says she was unhappy with how she thought that she would be remembered as nothing but a party girl. Jaclyn wanted to focus on changing her life for the better, living a healthier lifestyle and changing lives in the process.

Using nothing but your body, calisthenics are workouts that require strength, training and focus. This is exactly what Jaclyn needed and what she committed  too.

Two years later, Jaclyn’s training has paid off and she is now a licensed calisthenics personal trainer. On Instagram her alias, Jack’dFitness, boasts 11k followers, where she uploads videos of her workout routines and has inspired many to follow in her footsteps. Jaclyn hopes to one day open up a gym, where she can also teach self-defense classes to women .


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