Bruised but Not Broken

“Let’s go, set three,” said Marlena Budna,a freshman on the Women’s Volleyball team. In a match versus Marist, the Peacocks had lost the first two sets and were down 11-23 in the third.

The Red Foxes serve and Kenyale Mcginnis, a freshman, slams down a kill to make the score 12-23.

“Yeah,” the Peacocks yell with their fists up. They clap, and bring it in for a huddle, and tap each other on the back to break. They walk to their spots as they high five the person closest to them before Lauren Behrens, a senior, prepares to serve.

“Here we go,” Amanda Colombo, a junior, says clapping as the Peacocks prepare to fight to keep the game going. The last rally begins, and after a kill from the Red Foxes, Marist wins the match 3 to 0.

They run around the court and huddle in together, exchanging a few words, and go shake hands with the opposing team.

Although it wasn’t the result they wanted, the Peacocks stayed together the entire match, something that will be a huge benefit for them going down the road.

Monica Dempsey, the new Head Coach for the team, feels her team stayed positive.

“I think the girls stuck together. It’s not easy to be home with everybody watching you, but that was a bad game,” she said. “But for them to stick together and not turn on one another, I would consider that a positive.”

Lauren Behrens, who had 10 digs and 7 kills and Marlena Budna, who added 8 kills and 6 digs,  both agree their mental toughness has to be stronger if they want a change in results.

“In the beginning we were positive, we were up by 3 or 4 points but then it just kind of got away from us,” Budna said. Behrens adds, “I think we can use this as a learning experience. I think we need to stay mentally tough and not get down ourselves when we get in the hole.”

“We’re physically there we can physically play and keep up with teams,” Budna said. “But without the mental game there’s no volleyball.”

If there able to get there mental stronger, they can be a real force in the MAAC this year, and Coach Dempsey sees the light at the end of the tunnel.

“I feel like we’re on the brink. We’re almost there. We’re almost there,” she smiles. “But, eventually something will click, we’ll have that spark and I think it will be very successful.”


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