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Clothing Closet Comes to Saint Peter’s

Professor Marilu Marcillo-Gomez saw that students face an issue of not having clothes for the career fairs or interviews. To solve this, she introduced the idea of a professional clothing drive named “Prep for Success.”

“As the acting director of [The Center for Undocumented Students], I was trying to think of ways that we could partner with other campus organizations so that we could do things for students and that came to mind,” said Marcillo-Gomez. “And that’s where the idea originated from. And I decided to include [Career Engagement Experiential Learning], Campus Ministry, Sustainability Council, and The Ignite Institute, they were the partner organizations that I decided to kind of seek out because we have mutual interest. “

So far, Marcillo-Gomez has collected hundreds of dress shirts, suits, ties, blouses, skirts, and shoes in Campus Ministry, the King Kairos Social Justice House, and in the Career Engagement Experiential Learning center. To help keep things under control, volunteers have been keeping inventory on the items.

Tomorrow, students are welcomed to come to the donation drive, given that they register in time, and get fitted for clothes.

“At that event we’re going to have three things for students that says one tailor, one stylist, clothing there. We’re going to help them pick the right clothing, and then have it fitted to them and they’ll leave there with an outfit. In addition to that, we’ve also partnered with U.P.S. and they’re going to be on campus, at the same location, doing mock interviews and resume reviews.”

Marcillo-Gomez plans to have the event occur a few weeks before the fall and spring career fairs and says that it is open to all students who are enrolled at Saint Peter’s University.


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