Do You Respect Your Body?

JERSEY CITY, N.J. – On Thursday, February 25, 2016, Saint Peter’s University held it’s Annual Wellness Fair. Every year the event is hosted by the Center for Personal Development and Student Life and Development in the Duncan Sky Room of the Mac Mahon Center. Little did anyone know, this year, lives were being changed.

Sitting at the table all the way in the back, was someone representing a cause that is much greater than any logo pen or wristband could ever advertise. In the midst of all the healthy foods and fitness activities, someone was brave enough to shed a light on very painful but present health issues.

Victoria is a woman who was at the fair as a representative of The Renfrew Center. The Renfrew Center has been a nation-wide refuge for countless women  for over 30 years. Women who suffer from bulimia, anorexia, binge eating disorder and other mental health problems come to take control of their lives. They are all given the necessary resources they need to recover and move forward in life.

Victoria, who is a therapist at The Renfrew Center, works with individuals with eating disorders. She informed the public about the many different aspects of wellness. She spoke about how there’s more to eating disorders than just food and body image.

“There’s more factors in it, and it goes very deep in a person’s emotional well-being that sometimes people don’t realize that,” said Victoria

She has realized, with her clients, that there is also a deep connection to emotions and mental health. Often times, there are serious underlying reasons for people to get eating disorders.

“People use eating as a source of comfort or a way to kind of avoid or have to deal with emotional distress,” said Victoria.

She feels it is important that everyone is aware of eating disorders. They not only bring harm to their self, but everyone around them as well. Everyone should respect their body and treat it right and they will learn to love it.

If you know anyone who may be suffering from an eating disorder, call 1-(800)-Renfrew or visit The Renfrew Center website.



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